Friday, November 30, 2007

PlugIn4Profit- Proven Strategy to Work


I've joined PlugIn4Profit by Stone Evan. It's been 10 days, and I have already gone through the 30 Days To Success traning. I have to say that it is a great guide, and I've learned a lot from it.

The 30 Days To Success guide is perfect for internet marketing
newbies, like me. It is easy to follow for someone like me, who is a complete internet marketing newbie. I can say that I understand every instruction he gives despite the fact that I have not taken actions on all of them.

Among all the steps he has recommended, I have done the following:

1) I've purchased 10,000 guaranteed visitors with Adminder ($79).

This is really the first action I have taken. I hesitated at first because the $79 was not planned. I had the option to purchase it or not. I decided to buy it because I wanted to take some action. As of now, about a thousand visitor were delivered. No sign-up yet. The traffic is still small. I am not surprised.

1) I've upgraded with GetResponse for a year ($145).

GetResponse is the provider that powers the autoreponses and sends out the 400 day newsletters that is part of the
PlugIn4Profit package(this process is all set-up to go as part of the delivery of the PlugIn4Profit package. I didn't have to lift a finger). If I didn't upgrade, I would have someone else's ad running at the top of the newsletter that GetResponse sends out on my behalf. At first, I hesitated at the cost. But after I subscribed to my own newsletter and saw the annoying ad at the top of my newsletter grabbing all the attention, I decided to upgrade. I do think it is necessary.

3) I have also set up a few ads as instructed per the 30 Day To Success in
Traffic Swarm. I got my 100 credits. I do know that at this point, this amount of credits is far from enough (Stone says he burns 10,000 credits a day with 41 ads to generate 2 sales). I can purchase credits in Traffic Swarm; but I want to focus on free ad campaigns first. I'm sure I'll come back to it at some point, though.

4) I have sent my new website to a few friends, as instructed in the 30 Day Guide. However, I want to be able to make this whole thing work for me before I tell more friends. I don't want my friends to think that I am trying to sell them things that will require out of pocket investment. I want to make it work for me first.

5) I have started this blog! I searched on the web and couldn't find a step by step companion for a newbie in the
affiliate marketing business. As a newbie myself, I would appreciate some kind of chronicle of this experience that I can relate to readily. I figured that I will do this job.

Although I have not taken action on most of the steps outlined by Stone in the 30 Day To Success guide, I can see the big picture and have a realistic expectation of the progress. I know that the building of the presence of my website takes time. It can be quicker or slower depending on how much commitment I can give. I am plucking away.

These are the actions that I will focus on in the next week:
1) Write article and learn to submit them
2) Start posting in forums (I've visited plenty but just a little shy to voice anything)
3) Continue to update my blog.
4) Read Stone Evan's Dotcomology(It's a 325 page ebook. Get a FREE copy for yourself from
here) to continue my education.

I will let you know my progress.

Stay tuned...



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Hello, World!

I've just launched my new blog, and welcome!

I would like to chronicle my experience with affiliate programs here. I will be sharing my thoughts, findings, decisions, progress, tips, resources and all things considered surrounding the topic of starting a home business through affiliate programs. My hope is for this blog to become an honest, informative companion for people considering joining affiliate programs or those who have started on this journey and wonder how others are doing it.

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