Friday, February 29, 2008

Selling Point of Success University

Copyright by Ying Hong 2008

Success University is one of the 6 automated streams of income opportunities packaged into the PlugIn4Profit work from home opportunity starter kit. New members of PlugIn4Profit tend to have misgivings about this program; although it offers the most powerful commission structure, it has the highest monthly fee ($49.95/month) that many new affiliates scramble to cover.

What does Success University offer? A lot!

Success University offers the most comprehensive, the highest quality self-help and motivational resources geared toward helping the individual succeed in all aspects of life. As a Success Univeristy student, you get to take courses online with nationally known life coaches, motivational speakers, and educators such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Robert Allen, Cynthia Kersey, to name a few.

For a monthly tuition of $49.95, you get access to thousands of dollars of educational material by these well-established authorities that help you grow in relationship, financial success, health and physical well-being, spirituality, sales and marketing. A student will also get two CDs every month with inspiring personal success stories sent to the home. You can listen to them in your car and these success stories will surely become your daily dose of energy, motivation, positive attitude, and all the ingredients required to keep you focused on your path to success.

The value of the $49.95 does not stop there. It also makes it possible for you, the student, should you wisely choose to be, to gain financial freedom through residual income. The way it works is that you are provided the marketing aids to introduce Success Univeristy to the general public. Those who sign up under you will be on your team and will contribute to your residual income. It promises the largest residual income among all the other streams of income offered in the PlugIn4Profit package.

There are a lot of people out there who need the guidance to succeed in life, and there are plenty of people who can use financial freedom. Success University combines both of these features and truly presents an extraordinary opportunity for perosnal growth, spiritually, health-wise, and financially.

Being a Success University student is like having access to priceless sources of wisdom and many prescient mentors that you otherwise would never get a chance to have. Who needs Prosac, talking to the shrinks or going into any kind of counseling? Save that money, register with Success University and build your financial freedom at the same time.

For those skeptics, Success University offers a 14 day trial period at $2, which they donate to charity. Once you are in the back office of Success University, check the bonus area. There are hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses for you to keep whether you decide to stay with the Univeristy or not.

Success University has grown tremendously over the past few years. The market for it is definitely out there. Promoting this opportunity is just a matter of letting the general public know that this opportunity exists. Alternatively, you can leverage off the PlugIn4Profit package that is built to promote 6 streams of income, including Success University, all at once. It's worked for a lot of PlugIn4Profit members already.

Ying Hong

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Checklist of Habits of Successful Internet Marketing

There are so many secrets and tips on the market that claim to help online business owners to success. After going through much hype, I've come up with my own checklist of Internet marketing success.

1. Keyword research.
If you have your own website to promote, definitely find the right keyword phrase for it before anything else. The keyword phrase will anchor all your future marketing effort. Without deciding on one early on, you may end up wasting time and money trying things without a focus.

2. SEO your website online
Get it done, whether by yourself or by hiring professional services.

3. Building back links
The best way to do this is by writing original aritcles and submit them to different article directories. Aim at writing 2 articles a week. If not, at least one article a week. Other ways of building back links include social bookmarking your site, submit your site to link directories, etc.

4. Blogging
This is really a cool way for you to build on your simple work from home opportunity. since it is your own blog, you can have leeways with how you want to present your material, including how many times you want to use your keyword (although always stay away from overuse).

5. Use lead capture page in traffic exchanges
This is to help you get some exposure. With the combination of article writing and blogging, these ad exposures may start to pick up leads for you.

6. Buying quality leads
Buying quality leads may prove worthwhile when you have not built up your web presence. You can get these leads by yourself once you start to get good traffic to your site. But in the mean time, perhaps quality lead purchases can keep the ball rolling.

7.Learn some html and make simple changes to your site
Adding content to your website is an on-going process. You should learn some html so that it becomes handy for you to do simple changes.

8.Paticipate in forums
Forum postings can help you build your image in the Internet community as well as planting a backlink for your primary site.

9. Doing these steps, refine them, repeat over and over again.
There is so much building involved in internet marketing that without repetition, there will not be any result. Taking actions consistently is the only reliable way to build one's Internet business.

This is really a very distilled checklist; it does include the most important tasks as I have observed them to be. I promise myself to continue practicing these habits until they become second nature to me.

Ying Hong

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Becoming An EA with SFI Is A Must

Copyright by Ying Hong 2008

SFI provides a simple work from home opportunity. It is free to join. However, to make the best use of this opportunity, you may find it still meriting some investments.

Success with SFI really starts with one thing – becoming an EA(Executive Affiliate). If you stay a non-EA affiliate, you are limited to getting only the commissions on the individual sales you make, and you cannot benefit from your team members’ effort even if you have one. But as an EA, you can have access to your team members’ sales efforts and really start to get the benefit of residual income, which is the whole point of such a >simple work from home opportunity.

Becoming an EA without out of pocket expenses is technically possible but realistically difficult. The requirement of becoming an EA is to attain 10 SVP (sales volume points in SFI language, more on it later) every month, whether by selling SFI’s products to the general public or by purchasing them for your own use. Here is a list of the least expensive products with 10 SVP that you can promote and their USD equivalents:

  • Membership with IAHBE ($29.95/month)
  • Long distance sponsoring CD download ($29.95)
  • Veriuni Advanced Antioxidant with Red Wine Extract ($31.95)
  • Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition ($31.95)
  • Membership with Affiliate Mastery ($39/month)
  • Home Business Revolution’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Series, vols 1 & 2 ($27.95)

You can see that these are not the easiest products to promote to the average consumer.

What about the consumer goods, you may ask? SFI offers some really strong, super quality consumer goods. However, they tend to have less SVP values and will incur shipping cost as well if you want to buy them for yourself. Examples follow:

  • Veriuni cleaning sample pack ($54.21 with 7.03 SVP)
  • Veriuni all-purpose natural cleaner, gallon ($27.63, with 4.22 SVP)
  • Veriuni Thermo! Fat-Burner Formula ($24, with 5 SVP)

As you can see, free ways to become an SFI EA do not come easily. Unless you can somehow make people buy enough of the aforementioned 10 SVP favorites or more costly consumer goods from you every month, becoming an EA by this route is out of the question most people starting up.

Regardless, becoming an EA is a must for success with SFI. The least expensive way to make this happen is to subscribe to IAHBE (International Association Of Home Business Entrepreneurs), which is $29.95/month. This cost is further reduced by the guaranteed Executive Bonus commission check for all EAs every month, currently running around $10. The effective cost is therefore $19.95.

Is it worth it to invest $19.95 every month to grow your SFI team? The answer is absolutely! This benefit has unlimited potential as it allows the whole team you build and the teams your downlines build to work for you. When you see your personally sponsored affiliates becoming EAs and start sponsoring their own affiliates (and this will happen), you will see that your business is growing itself without your lifting a finger. At that point, you will know that this monthly fee of $19.95 is well worth it.

To conclude, SFI provides a simple work from home opportunity for a lot of people who look to earn an income on the Internet. To make this opportunity work for you, you need to consider becoming and staying an EA whether through the free way, which takes more time and is more difficult to achieve, or the paid way, which is instant but requires monthly investment of $19.95. The choice is yours. Regardless of what you decide, definitely become an EA in order to enjoy the benefit of residual income.


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Monday, February 25, 2008

Components to Changing the Color of Your PlugIn4Profit Web Site

I've always wanted to change the color of my website to the navy blue scheme. I finally got this opportunity to have my main page's color scheme changed for free. It was an offer from Suzanne Morrison; she offered to change the website color for her existing customers (of whom I am one) for free. (BTW, she changed it fast, too. It may have been just a couple of hours between my request and finding out that the color change had already been done!).

My adventure today was to change one of the pages I had added to my index page. The page was still in the old PlugIn4Profit site color, the maroon scheme. I basically replicated what Suzanne did to my index page to my subpage. There appeared to be three major components to changing the color scheme to one's PlugIn4Profit website:

1.Update the style sheet.
This stylesheet never existed in my account; it was always running off of the PlugIn4Profit's account (or server). So I guess I wouldn't have been able to update it by myself. Now with the navy blue color scheme, I do have a stylesheet. It does not look very straightforward to me at this point. Maybe if I want to change the color of my site again, I can study it a bit more. For now I'm all set with the navy blue color.

2.Update some image files
There are some images files with PlugIn4Profit's logo, with the top and base boxes, and with some little plugs in odd places. These images need to have been edited to the new color. I guess one can save the original images to one's hard drive and edit them in a program such as Photoshop. But I was spared of this hassle as Suzanne put some new files in the navy blue scheme in my account. Now all I need to do is to change the path where it used to say the PlugIn4Profit account to my account. The fact that the image files with the new colors were named the same as the old files made it easier to update the page for a newbie like me; it was easy to identify the locations that needed the updates that way.

3.Update the color in some places to the new color code
There are some backgrounds that need to have its color code updated to the desired color. I searched the index page, which had already been updated with the new color code by Suzanne first, and grabbed the new color code. Then I searched for the word "color" on my other page in the code, which pulled up all the "bgcolor" spots. I then replaced the old color code with the new navy blue color code, which was #c1c1dd.

Voila! My new page's color was changed!

I did have to solve one tiny problem, though. There were two tiny images that did not align with the rest of the row properly. For a while, I couldn't figure out what went wrong. The code and the measures were all correct. Then I realized that the words in that column was one word longer than the index page, which had the perfect alignment, and that one word stretched the column out of alignment with the rest of the row. I shortened the wording, and the alignment problem was solved. Now the webpage looks slic.

Check out my new website color; it is very cool.


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Adding My First Page to My Website

I always know that it is important to add content to your website and that adding your own articles is a great way to do it. I had checked out the PIP's update services offered by various PIP veteratns. They are all good but I figured that I needed to try it myself.

One of the bonuses I received for becoming a Pipspowergroup member was a free PIP style template offered by Suzanne Morrison. I downloaded it, made chaneges according to her instructions (Suzanne always gives really easy to understand instructions; I need to learn from her) and then pasted one of my articles into it.

Then I need to somehow link my article to the index page. Where do I plant it? I asked myself. When I opened the code page in the webpanel with Host4Profit, the code just rained on me, and I didn't have any bearings as to where I was.

Nevertheless, there is structure to the code, and I was able to discern it roughtly after I sat myself to it. This is what I did:

  • I decided visually where I wanted my article title to appear on the index page and located where it should be roughly in the html code of the index page. I positioned it by checking some text paragraphs just above and below the desired location.
  • I gave the area its separate column and named it "Latest Business Articles". I did this by copying over a similarly styled section but then deleted all the content in it except for the formatting code.
  • I then searched some other PIP's sites (there are plenty of them from the Warriorforum as everyone has one in the signature file) for one with links to articles.
  • After I selected the site that has the kind of link, I use View-Source option in Internet Explorer. This give me all the html code of that page, which includes the code that links the articles.
  • I copied over the code that links an article into my index page. I changed the article name to my own file name (this is the file into which I copied my article previously).

Voila, I just added my first page to the boiler plate Plugin4Profit website! With this beginning, I will be adding more later. My goal is to keep my website with unique articles only. All other articles I submit to other sites will be as unique as possible but less so compared to my own website's content.

Each time I made some change to my website, even though it is very small, I still feel like patting myself on the shoulder. There are still a few things I want to do to my site, among which to change the color scheme, to make the article directory functional, to have a page for link partners, and then perhaps a few pages with audio sales page. I would love to do this by myself if I had the time. But maybe it may prove to be worthwhile to enlist other PIP services.


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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pips Power Group (PPG) Is One of A Kind!

I joined Pipspowergroup (PPG) about two weeks ago. This is a mentoring program that aims at providing personal attention to individuals who try to cut through the fluff of information and make head ways with their home business ventures. The group consists of PIP's long-time veterans (Jeff Casmer, Suzanne Morrison, Jeff Schumann, Mal Keenan, Cynthia Mannaar, and Ken Troyer).

Two weeks have passed, and I have to say that this group is awesome! They have really provided a lot of guidance to each of us with no fluff. I have had the mentors diagnose my blog, my articles, and my keyword choice and received actionable suggestions to improve. There is really no better way to get one's bearings in this business than having this kind of mentoring comminication.

I haven't got a chance to make use of all the free resources and bonuses yet, but here are some really cool features that the mentoring group offers:

  1. specific action plans by levels with clearly stated goal of how much profit the plan aims to achieve
  2. dedicated discussions to help members stay organized and keep track of their progress
  3. case studies of volunteer members' sites, blogs, etc.
  4. discussions on how much/little to spend to get results
  5. discussions on how much to write is enough
  6. 30 Day to Success companion (it is really refreshing to see it from the veterans' perspective; one realizes that not doing the upgrades is not the end of the world)
  7. mentors sharing practice management and past

This is just the tip of the ice-berg. There are other great topics that are supposedly shared by the inner circles only.

Pipspowergroup has really delivered their promise of no fluff mentoring and has in places exceeded my expectations with their thoughtfulness. I do think that this group adds great values and would recommend any struggling/aspiring pipster to give it a try. I really believe the mentoring program will cut anyone's learning curve to the shortest possible length and that dedicated members will move on to be new successes of PlugInProfit programs.


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thoughts on Network Marketing

Advertizing, networking or marketing were never my strength. Before I started my simple work from home opportunity, I never needed to deal with them, either. Now that I own an online business, I have begun to relate to some of the concepts underlying network marketing/advertizing. It's all very interesting to learn.

One of the things I have learned is that never worry that there will not be an audience. The truth is that there will always be an audience. Some audiences are aggressive; they actively seek the opportunity to be sold to. Others are laid back; they may not appear to be looking for anything. Regardless of the type of audiences, the network marketer's job is to put himself/his product on the path of the audience so that his product is stumbled upon at minimum. When he puts himself out there to cover as many paths as possible, audiences on those paths are bound to make some sales for him.

It is partly in the spirit of putting myself out there that I started article marketing. I wanted to build some back links but never thought that my articles would catch any personal attention. The other day, one of my newer articles received a vote, which came as a pleasant surprise for me: someone cared enough to comment on my article; and it was a vote of confidence, too. This incidence also reinforces the notion that when the marketer puts himself out there, interaction with his audience is bound to happen.

So, I guess today's thought and lessons learned, for benefit of fellow marketers, are to take action to spread word about your business; and let the rest of the world react to what you have to share with them.


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Monday, February 18, 2008

What I Learned About Keyword Research for My Simple Work From Home Opportunity

Copyright by Ying Hong 2008

When I started my simple work from home opportunity online, I did not push for myself to learn about keyword research right away but started writing articles and blogging instead. Article writing and blogging are both good efforts. However, a few months down the line, I kept wondering why I didn’t get enough traffic to my sites despite the fact that my blog posts were on page 1 of Google.

My quest led me back to keyword research. Without proper keyword research, my blog posts were not targeted on searched terms and in turned were not searched. No wonder there was no traffic. Now I realize that if I had done my keyword research on day one, all my 30+ articles and blog posts would have had a searchable keyword phrase that could have resulted in more traffic. Oh well. Here is what I learned about searching for keyword.

The most important thing is that you choose a phrase already being searched by people, not something solely based on your personal preference. How to find out that a phrase you like is searched? You can use a free trial of a great keyword tool called WordTracker, which will give you a list of keyword phrases relevant to your query with daily search count, a number of competing pages, and your chances of success with them. Use this information to narrow down your choices. Rules of thumb are:

· Look for phrases with daily search count greater than 50
· Competing pages around 1000 (this number is the smaller the better. However, a bigger number is still ok; it just means that there is more competition to beat)
· The highest KEI (success factor) allowed based on the above choices (a good KEI can be over 100. If it is so competitive that it is less than 1, you should probably reconsider your keyword phrase)

If you are lucky enough, you may still have some choices left after the above screening, in which case, further screening rules are:
· Find the phrase that you can best relate to
· Find the phrase that is the most relevant to your home business
· Make sure the phrase is grammatically correct (so that you can market it later)

If you already do not have good enough choices left, then consider using a longer keyword phrase (5-7 words, e.g. “simple work from home opportunity”) in your query and keep repeating the whole process above until you arrive at a tentative decision.

One word of caution when using the trial version of WordTracker. It allows you two hours during which you can search as many times as possible. So if you are not ready to search right away, do not select the trial version. Also, it only provides the data from the MSN pool, which has a small percentage of the search result. To compensate for this, use double of the amount of the results to represent Google.


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is An Article Directory Effective in Building Your Home Biz Online Web Presence?

Copyright by Ying Hong 2008

When I started my home biz online with PlugInProfit, I followed the instructions in the 30 to Success Guide. One of the steps was to install an article directory for your home business site. I learned that search engines favor those sites with new content and having an article directory will add many new pages to your website over time. Intuitively, this is a great idea. However, having done considerable reading since then, I have come to my own conclusion.

An article directory is a great idea for providing resources to potential customers. In this case, the content does not need to be unique. However, to get recognition from the search engines, the content has to be unique, which is not likely accomplished by having an article directory for a newbie home business site.

Two factors contribute to the fact that a newbie home biz site will not likely have much unique content are as follows:

People who write unique articles tend to want to submit to well-established, prestigious article directories, such as A newbie’s site is not well-established; therefore it is unlikely to receive unique content submissions.

Webmasters of newbie home business site will want to find lots of free content to stuff up their article directories to build up confidence in the eye of the prospective members. Imagine how little the confidence is instilled if the article directory has only one or two articles. Free content, by default, is duplicate content.

An article directory teamed with duplicate content may not be indexed much by the search engines who would feast on unique content. If the pages are not indexed by the search engines, your website will not even show up in web search results. As such, there is little hope that your website will get much organic traffic. Without being indexed by the search engines, building your home biz web presence is usually out of the question.

To conclude, installing an article directory is still a good idea if you are not preoccupied with building your web presence quickly and that you have the time to maintain it. For newbies, more effective ways of building your home biz web presence are performing keyword research, building quality backlinks, and adding unique content to your website whether through an article directory or not. Installing an article directory should not be high on your priority list.


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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Article Marketing - Unique v.s Duplicate Content

Copyright by Ying Hong 2008

Article marketing is one of the best ways to promote your home biz website. Surrounding this strategy, however, there has been a point of confusion that is very seldom explained in popular published literature on Internet marketing. The point of confusion is the true difference between submitting a unique article vs. that of a duplicate article.

Benefits of submitting unique articles are two-folds. (1) It brings in organic, highly targeted traffic from the search engines. Since search engines like unique content, they will index original articles and thus make them available for searches. (2) It builds backlinks to your website. The number of quality backlinks also count toward your website's page rank.

There is really no disadvantage to submitting unique articles other than the fact that it takes more time and work to write unique articles. This effort is probably well worth it.

On the other hand, submitting duplicate content articles may take less time to do and appears to reach many directories as well. However, because they are duplicates, search engines do not like them and won't index them to make them available to web queries. There is then little chance of free, organic traffic from the search engines. You still get the exposure, whatever it may be, from the specific directories that have accepted your duplicate articles.

Worth noting is that prestigious article directories (e.g. also require original content. In truth, no one wants duplicate content. Those directories that do accept duplicate content may not have strong page ranks themselves. As such, a link with them may or may not be worth the effort.

What about distribution of articles, you may ask, they can't be unique. It is true that people submit original articles also hope for the subsequent distribution of their articles to many publications to gain additional exposure. Intuitively, the first instance of a content is always unique. This is the one that you want the search engine to pick up. After your content is indexed by the search engine, further distribution of the articles does not "de-index" your articles from the search engine. Indeed, for more exposure, the wider the distribution the merrier.

To conclude, if you are doing article marketing to promote your home biz website's web presence, it is really a better use of your resources to write unique articles, which brings about results that duplicate content will never be able to match. Writing variations on the same topic is by far the most efficient way to churn out as many unique articles as you can.

Happy writing!


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Monday, February 4, 2008

DIY- Putting Adsense Code In Your PlugInProfit Website

Today, I put my Adsense code on my website myself! I know official PlugInProfit site help charges $50 for putting Adsense on one's website. Of course, it includes a lot more pages than just my index.html. Still, if it is something that is easy enough to do by yourself, why incur the outlay of funds? I will show you what I did to add Adsense code to my website.

I've had my Adsense account for over a month now but never quite knew how to put it on my website. It was a lot easier to put it in the blog because all you need is to indicate the widget locations. Putting Adsense code on my primary website is a little more complicted for me, a newbie to html.

My first attempt to put Adsense code on my website was about a week ago. I generated the code in my Adsense account and copied it into my index.html file. Even though I put it in the right location, but probably because I didn't specify columns and rows for it, the adsense location came out incorrectly, disrupting the look of my website. In addition, PIP sites had a unique white column that needed to be the background of the Google ads to keep the consistent look of the page. I didn't know how to do that. Having no time to play with it then, I put it away.

Since then, I came across a fellow Pipster's website with the desired look of Adsense. I checked the source code using the View option in the menu bar. It seemed surprisingly straightforward. I was indeed missing the columns and rows before, to say the least. I copied the section of the Adsense code into my index.html, updating the Adsense client id to my id ( you get it in your Adsense account when you generate your code) and voila, my Adsense started running on my site. It took perhaps less than 20 minutes.

Here is what you can do:

1. Go to my website and view the source code.
2. Look for "Adsense1" and copy the section of the code under it before the next open space; it has a lot of "google" in it.
3. Paste the code under your "Adsense1" (you should have one, too, if you have a PIP site) in you index.html

Remember to replace my client id with your own. Try this method and save a few bucks.

Good luck.


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