Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Make A Simple Plan for Online Success

One of the mentors at the Pipspowergroup with which I am a member did a post of "Your mini day" recently. In the post, he highlights the importance of planning in the overall strategy for online business success. Basically, the proportion of the time resource spent on planning should be 1/3, while another 1/3 is on promoting the business and still another on taking care of emails and article writing combined.

This is an interesting point. Most people, myself included, do not do enough planning. It never occurred to me that I needed to allow time to plan for my next day's marketing activities. Perhaps due to this lack of plan, I find myself lose focus easily. Sometimes, I will feel inspired to do many things while other times, I would feel all of a sudden lost.

If you find yourself hang out in the forums and/or checking emails most of the time, then you could probably use some planning.

When it comes to planning, the more specific the goal the better. For instance, it is good to decide on a link building campaign, but it is better to commit to submitting to, say, 10 web directories everyday. It is good to set the goal of writing one article a week, but it is better to determine the title of your next article and the time slot you have to get it done.

The reason for specific planning is that there are so many contending priorities in building an online home business that without a clear order of specific steps, one may just lose oneself in the combined jungle of information overload and administrative logistics. Before long, one would feel disillusioned with the work from home opportunity by the lack of progress.

Therefore, to avoid the pitfall of not having a plan, here is the solution: have a plan. Here are a few guidelines for you to make an actionable plan:

1. Use 1/3 of your daily time commitment to your home business to figure out a plan for the next day.
2. Be very exact and specific about the task(s) you plan for your next day
3.Avoid distractions at all cost and focus on following your plan
4. Make the plan simple and tasks achievable

This is the guideline that I am following myself. I hope you will find it helpful.

To your online home biz success.

Ying Hong

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to Use Directory Submitter - User Review

I understand the importance of submitting your website to directories in terms of building backlinks. But for the longest time, I didn't start. Perhaps I didn't feel comfortable knowing what to expect from the directories. Finally, I had enough of waiting around and decided to get some help. I then took advantage of a $30 discount as a member of the Pipspowergroup and bought Directoy Submitter.

With Directory Submitter, directory submission has come through with clarity for me. I'm glad that I finally got started on this track. There are several components to Directory Submitter that solve the major challenges of manual submission.

1. Finding the list of directories to submit to
Directory Submitter has over 3000 directories already in its system with PR8-1. One can select anyone to submit to or just go down the list. Sites that one has submitted to will automatically be labeled "sent". One can also add more directories to the database.

2. Writing different versions of the website description and keywords
This will take some time initially when one sets up one's profile. It is recommended that slightly different versions get submitted each time to avoid spamming. Directory Submitter suggests that one put in at least 10 different versions of the link title, site description and the keywords. The software will rotate a different combination of these three components so that a unique profile gets submitted each time.

3. Doing the submission
After the profile is done, one can just start clicking any directory displayed on the screen and start submitting. For most sites, clicking the link automatically brings one to the submission page of a given directory. The information from the the profile already set up is automatically populated in the relevant cell of the form. In many cases, all one needs to do is just two clicks: one to open up the submission page; the other to submit.

There are exceptions to this two-click routine. Some directories require a fee; others have certain specific stipulations that may require some edits to the submission information already filled in by your profile. For instance, I have a different email address for directory submission from the one on my website. Certain directories require that these two email addresses must be the same one.

It has to be said that even with Directory Submitter, the submission process is still manual, although a lot of the data entry is done for you. This manual process is actually a good thing as it paces the quantity of submissions to a natural degree. Search engines do not like to see a site all of a sudden have tons of backlinks as it is counter intuitive to natural growth.

In terms of price, I find buying Directory Submitter fare much better than any paid service out there. The least expensive directory submission I have found is $0.08/submission when ordered at 750 ($60) submissions at a 40-70% acceptance rate. With Directory Submitter, for $97, one gets far more links to submit to (this list is still growing). One can also set up more profiles for more websites to submit to directories; this is like recycling the $97 over and over again. This is really a better investment in the long run.

If you set submitting to directories as a long term goal, then Directory Submitter costs much less than enlisting any paid submission service.

To your link building success.

Ying Hong

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Traffic Swarm Overview by

When I first joined Plugin4Profit, I had Traffic Swarm as a free program by default. I never really knew how it would serve me. After surfing through the ads for some time and getting daily traffic from it, I realize what a resource Traffic Swarm is. There is so much information on business opportunities, marketing tools, green products, etc. If I had not been committed to Plugin4Profit, I probably would have picked some other interesting business opportunities in Traffic Swarm.

Here are some basics about Traffic Swarm for anyone who does not know.

What is Traffic Swarm
Traffic Swarm is an online ad service, or a traffic exchange. It is probably the best traffic exchange on the Internet. Just look it up at, and you'll see how much traffic it gets. And traffic means exposure for your ads.

Who should use Traffic Swarm
Anyone who is promoting something, whether it is a business opportunity, a marketing tool, an ebook, a special product, etc. can use Traffic Swarm. You do not need to have a website to use it. But you do need a link or an affiliate gateway that you want to promote. . The sheer volume of the views in Traffic Swarm will well build you some web presence, if not immediate sales.

A membership with Traffic Swarm, for instance, is perfect for new SFI affiliates, who may not have their own websites yet, but have plenty of gateway links provided by the SFI company to promote.

How does Traffic Swarm work
You, as a member, will surf other people's ads to earn credits for your own ads to show. For each ad, you will view for at least 20 seconds for the credit to count, and it would be 1-5 credits for free members, but many many more for paid members. Surfing ads is not necessarily a drudgery of a job. Personally, I find a lot of useful information from the ads. My problem is that I need to tell myself not to spend too much time on one ad in order to earn more credits.

How to generate credits
There are a few ways to do this. (1) Upon signing up, you get 100 credits right away. (2) You can assign your internet starting page to be Traffic Swarm so that everytime you go online, that page will load and you will earn one credit. (3)You can buy lottery with your existing credit and try to get the daily jackpot. (4) You can refer other people to join Traffic Swarm and get credits when they surf the ads. (5)You can also buy credits. Sometimes, this method may work better than PPC with large search engines.

Levels of membership
Basic membership is free forever. You can show 10 urls. Paid memberhip is $30/mo. Paid membership gets a lot more credits in everything.

How to make money with Traffic Swarm
Aside from making sales with your ad, you can also earn commission on each paid membership you refer at $5/paid member/month.

Strategy to use Traffic Swarm
If you have just signed on to an affiliate program, by all means join Traffic Swarm as a free member and put your advert in for the world to see. While you surf the ads, pay attention to useful tools that may help you in your marketing endeavor. Many of the offers are free or very low commitment. Then when you start to build a list of your own, send an email to your list to join Traffic Swarm, explaining the benefits of traffic and exposure as well as the potential for residual income on the affiliate program. Like minded people to want exposure for their promotion will usually respond positively.

Want to find out more about how Traffic Swarm can work for you? Click here.

Happy surfing!

Ying Hong

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

10 Simple Tips on How to Rewrite Articles Quickly

Rewriting articles is not as simple as it seems. It can be time consuming to figure out a different way of saying things when we think the concept has already been expressed in the most proper manner. However, with simple tips listed below, rewriting articles may become less of a challenge and will end up saving us some time.

1. Reverse the order of the complex sentences
2. Break complex sentences into two or three simple sentences
3. Join simple sentences into a complex sentence
4. Turn questions into statements and statements to questions
5. Add words to a sentence or delete words from it to change the word count
6. Replace words with synonyms
7. Turn passive sentences into active ones and vice versa
8. Rephrase a positive sentence negatively, vice versa
9. Add personal experiences and view points
10.Shift the paragraphs around (but make sure the whole article still flows coherently by making adjustments as necessary)

With enough practice, these 10 tips can make rewriting articles a breeze.


Ying Hong

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Success University – Top Personal Development Program With an Income Guarantee

Success University is one of the top personal development programs on the Internet. It features teachings of some really talented individuals who have completely transcended their inherited, disadvantaged lives and have become immensely successful in their chosen paths of life. Their stories are nothing short of amazing and by all means inspiring.

Aside from the powerful educational curriculum, Success University also sponsors an affiliate program. Students of the University can earn commissions on people they refer to the University. This makes this program a simple work from home opportunity with great residual income potentials.

The combination of the personal development education and residual income opportunity can be perfect for people who seek quality self-help or who enjoy life coaching themselves. Who could not use the wisdom of these exceptional educators and become more fulfilled in aspects of life such as career, finance, relationship, health, spirituality, to name a few. Who wouldn’t also appreciate an opportunity to gain financial freedom through spreading the gospel of success to many others?

Success University also has one other unique feature to its affiliate program that is not seen anywhere else. It has a guarantee of income of $50,000/year. The program provides a simple proven plan of action for success that the student is required to follow for a whole year. At the end of the year, if the student is not making $50,000 or more, the University will refund 100% of the student’s investment.

Here’s a sneak preview of the simple proven plan of action:

  • Commit to Autoship of 50 Empower magazines per month for the next 12 months
  • Hand out 2 magazines per day (or at least 50 a month)
  • Input the contact information for each of your prospects into your Success University back office

    Follow up with the prospects is necessary. However, Success University has great features and help available to help you enroll new students. This includes having a veteran talk to the prospects, practically doing your sales calls for you.

  • The Autoship of 50 Empower magazines costs $197, plus shipping. This may sound a lot. However, the truth is that many Internet marketers easily spend $300/month without knowing if they spend it wisely. With Success University, you know that you will get this $197*12=$2,364 back at the end of the year if you are not making $50,000.

    This guarantee is truly an extraordinary offer from the University. This shows everybody how confident the University is about this proven formula to success.

    Success University asks for $2 to try out the program for 14 days. There are many bonuses available to download during the 14 day trial period. The $2 the University donates to charity. If the prospect decides to become a basic member, the cost is $49.95/month.

    Last but not least, Success University has one of the most powerful commission structures. Once you build your team, you will see how this cream of the crop commission structure contributes to your financial freedom. Learn more about the commissions here.

    To Your Success!

    Ying Hong

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    Wednesday, April 2, 2008

    How Much Does PlugIn4Profit Cost – Simple Review

    Copyright by Ying Hong 2008

    PlugIn4Profit is a work from home opportunity package developed by the reputed Stone Evans. It aims to simplify the process of starting a home biz online and has an impressive record in helping Internet newbies transition into owning a home based business in the Internet marketing arena.

    How much does it cost to join PlugIn4Profit? Let’s take a look.

    The PlugIn4Profit program consists of 6 affiliate programs:

  • Leisure Audio Books (FREE)
  • SFI (FREE)
  • Host4Profit (FREE)
  • TrafficSwarm (FREE)
  • Success University ($2 first 14 days, thereafter $49.95/month)
  • Empowerism ($24.95 first month, thereafter $19.95/month)
  • As you can see, four of the six affiliate programs are free to join. Although all of the four FREE programs have options for upgrades, it is up to the individual to make that decision, and success can be had without upgrading.

    The two paid programs, namely Success University and Empowerism, have much more powerful commission structures than the FREE programs. As a general rule, programs that require some initial and/or recurring investments, always tend to pay better as well.

    Prospects can have the choice of joining any combination of the six automated streams of income. Participation in all six is recommended but not required. Those who are really tight for budget can choose to join the FREE programs first. Once they have learned how to market on the Internet, they can re-invest in the two paid programs.

    Aside from the six automated streams of income, the core piece of the PlugIn4Profit program is actually the joined package of a FREE website and the paid hosting service. By subscribing to the Host4Profit’s hosting service ($24.95/month), combined with any of the affiliate programs listed above, you can become a PlugIn4Profit member and receive a free website plugged in with the chosen affiliate program(s) ready to go live within 24 hours. Host4Profit can also register a domain name for you at $15/year.

    Soon after joining the PlugIn4Profit program, another expense may become necessary. This is the fee for the autoresponder service with GetResponse, which is free for the initial days. This service is necessary because it runs the 400 day newsletters, which is a prominent feature of the PlugIn4Profit package. The least costly payment option for this service is $145/yr, which averages about $12/month. All other options have higher monthly fees. Regardless, one can choose not to use the autoresponder service and not run the newsletters, which is not wise, but ok to do.

    To recap, the minimum cost to join PlugIn4Profit is :

    • Web hosting: $24.95/month
    • Domain name registration $15/year (not necessary if you already have a domain name)
    • Autoresponder $145/year (Recommended but not required)

    Total of the above $184.95 for first month, thereafter $24.95/month, or

    • Just Web hosting $24.95/month

    These are the basic investments that a serious Internet marketer should make. Although various levels of advertising is a great idea, prospects who are extremely budget conscious can forego all paid options initially and still make powerful marketing impacts by using the FREE methods of article marketing, blogging, forum posting and directory submitting.

    With all due respect, PlugIn4Profit can make online success happen.

    Ying Hong

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    Tuesday, April 1, 2008

    Keeping Your Best Unique Content to Yourself

    My first ever articels were submitted to Ever since my articles were accepted and I was labeled an Expert Author, pride welled up in me and made me want to reach that next level - the Platinum Member. To that end, despite my limited article marketing effort, I rushed to submit every new article I wrote to EzineArticles. Now I am beginning to wonder if I should keep my best original content for myself instead of handing it over to other sites.

    The notion of keeping the best unique content for yourself first struck me when Mal Keenan, a Pipspowergroup mentor, mentioned it in his ebook created for the Pipspowergroup members. He basically said that we should create a lot of unique content, and we should keep it either on our own blogs or add it to our primary websites. After all, why should we contribute to the unique content of other sites.

    I know Mal didn't mean not to do article marketing. I take it that he means that if you already have some articles out there, let them multiply the backlinks while any more new unique content you create should be kept for yourself on your blog. Interesting concept; and I think it makes intuitive sense.

    It is important to build up the presence of your website or blog by continuously adding new content to them. In the long run, keeping the best original content for yourself sometimes should prioritize over submitting it to other sites, particularly if you have already have backlinks from these sites through past submissions.

    It also makes intuitive sense to spread out your articles to different directories instead of submitting to a few sites repeatedly. Two links from the same site cannot weigh as much as two links from different sites with the same PR in the eye of the search engines.

    To conclude, the strategy in article marketing is (1)to submit to different directories vs repeated submissions to the same sites (2)to keep new unique content for yourself after you have disseminated some articles out there. Also, getting that Platinum Member designation is really not that important after all.

    Ying Hong

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