Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is Your Simple Work From Home Opportunity In The Favor Of The Rule Of Randomness?

Driving home from work today, I heard a radio interview about a book on the rule of randomness. I found the discussion fascinating as well as enlightening.

The author (I didn't catch the name) talked of the immense impact of randomness in our lives. Basically, we really don't have complete control over what happens in our lives and, if we try certain thing enough times, it's going to happen for us.

What does this mean for your pursuit of a simple work from home opportunity online? Simply enlightening! It really means to keep on trying new things until one day the rule of randomness goes in your favor. Before you reach that breakthrough point, in any phase of your journey of building your home business online, there is no need to decide if you are a failure or if someone else is a failure or success, as you are not the one determining the timing of your success; the rule of randomness does. After all, Joanne K. Rowling had nine rejections before her Harry Potter became a huge success. Her work was always good; but success only came about when the rule of randomness spoke on her behalf.

It is clear, though, that if you stop trying, even the rule of randomness cannot help you.

So the epiphany of the day is to keep on trying what you believe in, whether it is a work from home opportunity or some other passion or pursuit. If you try it enough times, success will happen to you as the rule of randomness will act on your behalf when the timing is right.

May you be there when the rule of randomness speaks for you.

Ying Hong

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

What to Expect When Submitting to Web Directories

Submitting your website to various web directories is one important method to build up backlinks. However, for the longest time, I procrastinated on doing it for the simple reason of not knowing what to expect at a submission, and I hated the idea of scrambling for information on the spot. Since I purchased DirectorySubmitter, I finally broke into this routine. This post is to provide background information on submisstion for those people who are still procrastinating.

Typical Information Required

Email - some sites will send you an email and require confirmation before they will review and approve of your site.
Link Title - title of your webpage
Link Description - brief description of your website
Reciprocal Link -some sites require a reciprocal link from your site in order to list your link for free in their web directory
First Name
Last Name
- some sites require that you open an account with a username
Password - and a password

It is advised that you prepare various versions of the Link Title, Link Description and Keywords in order to make your listing unique.


Most web directories will require that you select the most relevant category to add your link to. Typical categories for online home business opportunities can fall under Business\opportunities.


A lot of web directories have the free option; this is an obvious choice if you just need the backlink. There are also featured listings that cost from $1-$50 - $100 or more. Certain sites let you bid on the price to be listed. Some paid listing is also for a period of time, like a year. A lot of the sites will require a reciprocal link on your site for theirs. If you don't have a spot on your website to list these links yet, do not select this option.

Other Notes

Not all directories are appropriate for your specific website. Some directories are regionally specific. For instance, I came across a site that requires the submitted site to be located in Austrailia. Others are niche specific; a psychic directory does not host a work from home website agreeably.

Most directories will not accept a site under construction and will not accept affiliate links.

How Soon Will Your Submission Be Listed

For some sites, listing is instant. Others may take weeks and months. Typically, premium links will be reviewed sooner than free listing. Worrying about how long it will take for your submitted website to be listed is a complete waste of time.

It is not hard to see that submitting to web directories can be a time consuming and tedious job. Any kind of automation is desirable than the complete manual approach. As I mentioned earlier, I purchased DirectorySubmitter. It has 3000+ directories and is able to populate the online submission form automatically with the profile information you have previously established. This helps a lot. However, one would still need to read the submission guidelines for a given web directory here and there in order not to miss any perculiar requirements.

Submitting to web directories is the perfect job to do when you don't feel inspired to write anything or do anything. For those with DirectorySubmitter, the submissions are much more pleasant tasks than otherwise.

Hope the above has provided some helpful information. I want to end today's post with a delightful site I came across while doing the submission: As its name says, it does not ask you for anything but just your url and email to list you, and it has a PR5.

Ying Hong

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Truth About Pursuing Simple Work From Home Opportunities

Today I received an email from an SFI prospect asking if he can make money by becoming an EA and doing nothing else. I gave him no-fluff answer, as I always do: Qualifying for EA requires $29.95/month while guaranteed payment is about $8-10/month; net investment is about $20. Any more payment would have to come from personal marketing effort.

I enjoyed providing some useful and true information for my prospect. But at the same time, I couldn't help but be amazed by the power of the hype from work from home opporunity ads. I myself, a frequent surfer in TrafficSwarm, have seen more than my share of the hyped ads, most of which create the get rich overnight buzz.

Unless you have tried one of these online opportunities, you would have no point of reference of whether the claim of a hyped ad is true or not. Most people act on what they like to believe rather than solid knowledge of facts. As such, they would fall for an opportunity only to find that their get rich dream didn't happen fast. Some people may then call the opportunities scams while in reality, they didn't take the time to develop the opportunities.

For those of you who read this post who are prospects of online work from home opportunities, consider yourself warned. No matter how easy and simple a work from home opportunity may be, like all other business opportunities, it needs a lot of effort to develop and cultivate. You need to be a constant gardener, tending your business on a daily basis, writing articles about your business, submitting them to article directories, blogging, submitting your website to web directories, adding content to your website, posting in forums, exploring other opportunities, etc. All of these and more need to be done on a daily basis tirelessly.

The real reward of such an online work from home opportunity is not to "do nothing" but to do it with complete flexibility time-wise and location-wise. The sense of independence and freedom as well as the residual income are well worth the effort.

Successful online marketers are first and foremost hardworking individuals. They discipline themselves to a set of work ethics and they do not give up until they succeed. The path to success is no secret. There are numerous ebooks with tried and proven methods on building a successful online home based business. In fact the training material that comes with the simple work from home opportunity package is probably enough guidance.

I hope I have provided some helpful insight for you, simple work from home opporutnity prospects. And I hope you take action with a well-informed mind.

Ying Hong

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Give Your Simple Work From Home Opportunity A Boost in 45 Days

No matter how simple the work from home opportunity you pursue, it is always hard to have a good start that leads to a solid routine. I find myself looking for inspirations constantly in an effort to stay focused on building my home business online. It is a delicate balancing act between all the informational distractions and focused business practice, and I have to say that distractions are powerful.

If you are looking for some external help to motivate you to effectively focus your effort, PipsPowerGroup (PPG) is as close as it gets to giving you this kind of help. I am a member of the group, and I have seen the mentors of PPG, being immensely successful on their own online businesses, share no-fluff practice wisdom with all members. Just recently, they have lauched a contest to help boost their members' home business building effort.

This interesting contest is to last for about 45 days (Jun -mid July). It begins by voluntary memebers noting down their urls and Alexa ranking in a forum thread. Then each participant is supposed to report a laundry list of what she/he has done for her/his business in a designated forum thread everyday. The activities are monitored by the mentors and the results are tallied at the end of the 45 days to determine the winners.

The top winners will have some cash incentives. But that's besides the point. The goal of the test is to have an external force to help focus the individual's effort in building her/his home business. With mentors monitoring an individual's business practice routine on a daily basis, this is epitomizing the gist of mentoring yet.

I am tremendously interested in participating in this contest despite the concern that I may not have enough time to work on my simple work from home opportunity, what with a full time job and two young children. Regardless, it is a great opportunity to give a boost to my home business building effort, and I will find out the potentials of a 45 day period in terms of marketing effort from fellow participants.

Ying Hong

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Friday, May 16, 2008

How to Start Making Progress With Your Simple Work From Home Opportunity

How are you doing with your Internet home business? Do you sometimes feel that you are lost and/or stuck? Do you want to break away from that dullness? Here is sharing with you my perspective on how to break free from the lull.

For most home business internet ventures, it is hard to promote a website efficiently without submitting articles to directories and blogging. But writing, whether articles or blog posts is precisely where a lot of people get stuck. They either don't feel inspired to write anything or just aren't good at writing at all. Even with PLR articles, one still needs some rewriting skills to churn out semi-original content. What should one do to over come this obstacle?

There is really no secret. In order to promote your web presence, you simply have to start submitting articles. There are two basic ways to approach this.

1) If you feel comfortable writing and have more time than money, write articles by yourself. Overcoming this road block is more of a discipline issue than anything else. Since running a home business requires optimal self-disicpline, it will be a good test to see if you are as committed to building your home business as you thought you were.

With consistent writing, say one article a week, the more the merrier of course, your writing skills will improve quickly and, before you know it, you may have accumulated enough backlinks to generate required traffic to consumate sales.

2) For all other scenarios (poor writing skills, no time to write, but with reasonable budget, etc.), consider out sourcing this service to help you jump-start, if not for good. I have just read "Confession of An Affiliate Millionaire" by Stone Evans, the creator of the PlugInProfitSite. He mentions that he outsources a lot of his article distribution to service, and every time he invests in this kind of service, he always gets 10X the benefits back. The point is clear: article marketing is so important to online home business success that if you can't do it yourself, it is worth it to invest in a service that helps you do it.

To conclude, one way to break away from the dullness of your home business is simply to start article marketing, whether doing it yourself or through a paid service. You simply have to do it. If you do so, before long, you will see progress and your pursuit of a simple work from home opportunity online may likely result in fruition.

Ying Hong

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cool Website Evaluation Tool for Your Simple Work From Home Opportunity

I learned about from my Pipspowergroup forum ( PPG is such a great resource). It is a FREE webmaster tool that checks the quality of any given website. All you need to put in is your URL, related keywords, a competitor site (optional), and your email (the report will be sent to the email address). Then, at the click of a button, a comprehensive report is generated.

First and foremost, the report gives your site a score over 100. This is based on all the websites evaluated by this tool. The report then breaks down into the following sections:

I. On-page SEO

  • Metadata
  • Heading summary
  • Image summary
  • Interior page analysis
  • Page readablity level
II. Off-page SEO
  • Domain info
  • Google pagerank
  • Google indexed pages
  • Last Google crawl date
  • Traffic rank
  • Inbound links
  • DMOZ directory
  • Yahoo directory
  • Zoominfo
  • Blog analysis
  • Blog ranking
  • bookmarks
  • submission summary
V. Converting Qualified Visitors to Leads
  • RSS feed
  • Conversion form
VI. Competitive Intelligence
  • Keyword grader
  • Score summary

There are some interesting criteria that I didn't know before. For instance, how soon the domain name is to expire counts negatively against a website. One should have one's domain set to expire beyond at least a year (Mine is expiring in 6 months. I have to go extend it with my registrar).

Another criteria I only vaguely knew about was a listing with the DMOZ directory. I knew DMOZ is a highly regarded directory and hard to get listed with, but didn't know that a listing with them would actually be considered a strength in one's website.

I also think the keyword grader is very helpful. It tells you the search volume of the keyword as well as how well your website ranks with it.

With 135 inbound links and top 22% traffic per Alexa, my score is a pathetically 43. The report did not find a blog on my website as I have it here on Blogger. So I guess I suffered a little disadvantage in my score in the blog related measures. I have a lot to work on my keyword with 92nd ranking. But what concerns me more is that my keyword phrase does not appear to have much search volume...I need to do an up to date keyword search.

In any event, the seems to be a really neat tool. I know I will check back later once I've made some progress.


Ying Hong

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