Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ying's Home Remedy for the Common Cold

Copyright by Ying Hong 2008

I decided to add a health related category to My Home Biz Journal. Although it does not appear to relate to home biz directly, it is a relevant topic surrounding the home. Furthermor, I love health related discussions and have done considerable reading in this area. Seeing that this is the flu season, here's my first post in the health category: my home remedy for the common cold.

Most people would agree that nothing cures a common cold. Once it is in full bloom, you just have to wait it out, which can take a couple of weeks. I have found that if you can catch your cold upon the first symptom and follow some simple steps, you may be able to snib it in its early development.

A couple of days ago, I sensed a cold coming up with the familiar burning sensation at the back of my nose. At the time, I was at work and had no remedy available. If I were at home, I would have tried my home remedy right away. But I was at work and had to wait for the cold to develop. As the burning sensation of my upper respiratory channel intensified, I thought of a possible coughing plague resulting from the cold, which happened in the past years and lasted 3 months every time. That was a gloomy outlook.

About 6 hours after my first cold symptom, I got back to home. Immediately, I downed a tea spoon of colloidal silver. From my research before, I learned that colloidal silver is a natural antibiotics and would suffocate the microbes to death without hurting the good backteria in the body. It is an immune systerm booster as it helps your system to keep the microbes in your body under control.

I also did a nose flush with 1:1 of salt and baking soda in an 8 oz jar. In the solution, I also dropped a few drips of colloidal silver.

I ate light at dinner and kept myself decently hydrated with hot water between dinner and the bedtime. Just before I went to bed, which is aother 6 hours later, I repeated the nose flush and drinking one spoonful of colloidal silver. I also drank herbal tea (Ban Lan Gen, a Chinese herbal tea specially meant for colds, though never potent)

I made sure I went to bed ealier than ususal.

The night passed. My back of the nose still felt dry and hurt upon wakening but, I was glad to find, that it did not spread downwards toward my throat as before.

I repeated the nose flush and drinking one spoonful of colloidal silver in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast. At work that day, I felt continued lessening of the pain in the nasal interior. By 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I felt as though my cold had faded away. Isn't that great!

To summarize, to fend off an impending cold, I did the following:

  • Within 6 hours of the initial symptoms, take colloidal silver twice a day, one spoonful at a time.
  • Flush the nose with salt and baking soda (1:1) with a couple of drops of colloidal silver water twice a day. The mixture to water measurements approximate 1:50 (rough estimates)
  • Take herbal tea (e.g. BanLanGen)
  • Eat light meals; take caution to have less than usual portion of rice or pasta, as they are food for the harmful microbes.
  • Get more sleep than usual
  • Drink really hot water, as hot as you can accept, as heat kills germs.

As a result, my cold lasted perhaps a day as opposed to two weeks. If it got a chance to develop into a cough, then it would be months before it can go away. Now I don’t have to deal with any of that. Home remedy rocks!

If you did not get a chance to remedy your cold until it is full blown, not to worry. Taking colloidal silver can still help fight the cold. If you do the above consistently, it most likely can help shorten the course of a common cold by a couple of days. As with any illness, the key is to find it early and treat it early.

To Your Health,


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Monday, January 28, 2008

Article Marketing – Distribute Your Articles on a Shoe String Budget

Copyright Ying Hong

Article marketing builds backlinks to your websites. Writing articles is free if you can do it yourself. But submitting articles to various directories can be tedious and time-consuming. Many people use a professional article submission service, which can cost around $40/month, which is kind of costly. Is there an alternative? The answer is yes.

There are online article distribution services that you can use at reasonable cost. A well-reputed one is Isnare is an article directory that operates as an online article distribution service as well. You can submit articles for free to Isnare, who promises to distribute your articles to up to 40,000 directories where your category applies. Isnare sells distribution credits at $2.00/article. The price gets cheaper if you commit in bulk.

The benefit of buying these credits at Isnare is:

  1. to be able to write your own articles at your own pace and
  2. have them distributed to up to 40,000 directories where your category applies, as promised by Isnare, and
  3. the best of all - you don’t have to incur a monthly fee of $40 for regular article submission services.

There are surely feasures that a professional article submission service will have that a simple distribution service with Isnare does not have. Still, if you are looking to just build some backlinks, the low cost of the article distribution service with Isnare is worth testing out than paying $40/month for limited number of submission.

If you really consider Isnare, there is a word of caution, talking from experience. Isnare officially says that free members (those without distribution credit purchase) can still have their articles approved and distributed although it may take longer. I submitted two articles on this free basis once and saw them in pending status after a month and half. I secretly wonder if Isnare staff looked at those free articles at all. In any event, at the free rate, building backlinks effectively is pretty much out of the question. My advice, buy some distribution credits to get your articles noticed, approved, and distributed in time to make sense.


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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Article Marketing - What To Write About?

Copyright Ying Hong 2008

Article writing is the best way to spread your links. You write an article about 500 words and submit it to prominent article directories. You can reference your web url in your resource box attached with the article. The more directories you submit your articles to, the more back links you build. Over time, these backlinks will build your presence in the Internet community.

Writing articles can be challenging for some people, though. If you want to hold your standards high and write your own articles, then it could be time-consuming. Alternatively you can hire ghost writers to do the job for you at a cost. $10 for a 300-500 word article when you commit in bulk (maybe 8-10 articles) is a decent price.

I personally like to write my own articles despite the fact that it is time-consuming. I like the fact that it is my voice and that I learn what I need to write about through the experience.

For internet marketing newbies, the first block may be not knowing what to write about. When one is new, one does not know enough to write about anything, right? Quite the contrary, one has a lot more to write about when being the newbie. Anything one is learning can be committed to paper. This is much like a school paper; one has to do some research, carry out the experiment, share the results (or not necessarily), and reach a conclusion.

Some suggestions of topics to write about:
- how each of your affiliate program works
- how you solved a problem in building your home biz
- new things you’ve learned and your thoughts on them
- your views in general in your area of interest, any revelations, etc.
- the resources that you have found that have worked well for you
- etc.

Another way of finding something to write about is to read postings in any forums. Pay attention to what questions people are asking. Make the questions your topic to write about. Do the necessary research (if you don't already know the answer) and document your findings and conclusions. Since the same questions are asked over and over again by different people, you may get a chance to share your findings at a later opportunity, which will in turn build you a solid backlink (when you plant it in your signature).

Still another way to find what to write about is to read what other people have written. Then, try to rehash the same content in your own words adding your own spin to it. It is better that you add some new and/or unique input to the original content. This is not difficult to do as we are all so opinionated and find oursevles easily disagreeing with each other.

It is also advisable to keep a list of topics you want to write about. Sometimes, I find myself so inspired that I want to write about everything but for the sad fact that I have enough time to only do one article. Other times, I am confronted by the writer's block and can't think of anything to write about. Experience tells me that it is a smart move to note down all the things you want to comment/write about in your moment of inspiration, to revisit later.

When you hit a writer's block, and none of the above suggestions works for you, send me an email; I will come up with a list of suggestions that you can consider.

Happy writing.


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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Start Your Home Biz With $20

Copyright by Ying Hong

Do you have $20? If you do, you absolutely have a chance to build your home business quickly and with result. The one-time $20 pays for building your downlines month after month for life. This almost sounds too good to be true. Yet it is true!

If you've done any Internet marketing, you know that building downlines is the toughest challenge. Without downlines, there would be no residual income in most cases. You can pay hundreds of dollars to buy lists from service providers; and those lists do not necessarily become your downlines. But this particular opportunity solves this problem for life with a one-time cost of $20.

The opportunity I am talking about is the EyeEarn personal advertising network with SFI. EyeEarn is the co-op of SFI that generates prospects every month. Each participant of this co-op would get a share of the leads generated month after month after purchasing the start-up kit at $20. Your residual income will come as you build your team, which is really being built by EyeEarn.

There is an additional way to make money with EyeEarn. As an EyeEarn participant, you can also earn profit share with, which is a network of name brand merchansts representing your every day stores. Every month, a percentage of the purchases through the gateway of is paid back to the EyeEarn participants. The purchases you make with the merchants through the gateway of is absolutely at the same price as if you made them directly at the stores. As such, all EyeEarn participants have a vested interest in making their own online purchases through, which SFI is also heavily advertising to the general public.

In short, when you become an EyeEarn participant, you have EyeEarn to build your team automatically and will be getting some profit share from every month. This may well get you started in building a home business.

The $20 kit includes the following, in case anyone is wondering:

1 - 1 EyeEarn T-shirt (very classic lookning)
2 - 3 car banners with EyeEarn logo ( EyeEarn participants should at least outfit one banner on one car. The banner can be taken off when needed as well.)
3 - 10 stickers ( to put on computers or any other objects at the participant's choice)
4 - 100 business cards (to leave at restaurants or other public places at participant's convenience)

Participants are required to submit a photo with wearing the t-shirt in front of a vehicle outfitted with the banner. Participants are also required to log into the SFI center to do a 15 minute survey every month. That's it.

Can you imagine starting your own home business with $20 ? It is possible with SFI's EyeEarn absolutely!

$20 is really very easy to gather. We waste money everyday on unnecessary things. Why not find a worthy use for twenty of your dollars by joining SFI's EyeEarn? You shoud be able to save $20 by foregoing a bottle of coke for a couple of weeks, or bringing brown bag lunch to work for a week, or brew your own coffee instead of buying from the store for a few days. You know your resources, and you know you can afford it.

If you are still in doubt about this amazing opportunity, join SFI for FREE first and give yourself a chance to read all about the EyeEarn program in the SFI's affiliate center. Then decide for yourself if you should spend that $20 to purchase the start-up kit.

If you already know that you want to become an EyeEarner, super great! Join the program here: (You may need to copy this url directly into the browser for it to work.)

If you have any questions about SFI and/or the EyeEarn program, feel free to contact me; I'm here.


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Thursday, January 10, 2008

EyeEarn Personal Advertising Network

It’s been 10 days since the launch of SFI’s EyeEarn campaign, and I have already received 6 leads. As an EA (Executive Affiliate) with a standing order I should be receiving 3 shares of the co-op. However, it has not been clear how many leads constitute a share, as no one knows how many there will be to share among all the participants. I am already happy with six. But I guess there could technically be more as the month is just 1/3 through.

I am really impressed with the SFI- EyeEarn personal advertising network. SFI’s EyeEarn co-op is a global advertising campaign that aims at heightening the awareness of which serves as a gateway to recruit new affiliates for SFI. Using the 10 million affiliates worldwide, this personal advertising network can have a huge impact in promoting home business opportunities with SFI.

The best part about EyeEarn is that it is an option for an affiliate to procure targeted prospects at a price that most, if not everyone, can afford. Costs and requirements are as follows:

  • A one-time cost of $20 to purchase a start-up kit
  • Once a month obligations to fill out some surveys in the SFI Affiliate Center
  • Sending in a digital photo of participant's wearing the EyeEarn T-shirt and the EyeEarn banner out fitted car
  • An honor system obligation to start online shopping at, which has many well-known merchant names at the same prices as if you directly shop at these merchants'

The benefit for the affiliate is to get a share of the leads every month for life, which is enormous.

SFI is already free to join. EyeEarn further solves the problem of generating leads for the affiliates. This is truly an unbeatable opportunity for a home business online, so conducive to succeed. Anyone should give it a try; you owe it to yourself to find out about this opportunity.


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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Building Back Links to Your Website - Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is saving your favourite links on a public server instead of saving it in your browser on your own computer. By saving your favorite sites on a public server, you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection, not to be bound by your home computer anymore.

Social bookmarking is used widely by Internet marketers to build backlinks to their websites. When you save your own website url as a favorite link on a public server, you build a backlink to your site in the eye of the search engine. The more such back links the merrier.

There are many social bookmarking clubs out there; they are usually free to join. You not only can save your primary web url in your account with these clubs, you can also save individual web pages’ urls in your account, essentially adding more back links to your site. As such, the more clubs you join and save your web urls as favorites the better.

If you join many such clubs, it can get time consuming and tedious to log into each of these social bookmarking clubs to save your urls. Wherever there is a problem, there is a solution. There are services such as Only Wire that consolidate the updating of the bookmarks with one "Ping". You open an account with them and provide your logins and passcodes for the social bookmarking clubs that you have. Then you only need to save your favorite once with say Only Wire; all of your clubs will be updated with your new favorite link.

The "Add to Only Wire" link on my blog page is exactly for this purpose. Every time I make a new blog post, I would add it to the Only Wire by clicking this link, which updates the social bookmarking clubs that I’ve joined under Only Wire with my new blog entry’s url.

Only Wire’s bookmarking services do not all work. But a good 70% does. So if you wish to start adding some back links via social bookmarking, joining the services with Only Wire is a convenient start.

Hope you find this information helpful. Drop me a note; I'd like to hear from you.


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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Leisure Audio Books - Review

As part of the PlugInProfit program, I joined
Leisure Audio Books
(LAB). I never got a chance to really read up on this program due to the initial information overload until now. Now that I have gone through materials on its affiliate website and the audio books categories, I find myself impressed with the potentials of this program no end.

First, it offers both products and team building in its affiliate program. I always have a stronger preference for both product and team building in an affiliate program than if there is just the membership for team building. A company is strong and will sustain if it anchors on its product sales. In other words, Leisure Audio Books is a really sound business to be involved in (Of course, all the PlugInProfit programs are cream of the crop programs selected by Stone Evans; they cannot go wrong.).

Second, the LAB audio books cover a vast range of categories that will meet anyone's needs. All the LAB audio books can be downloaded to play on your computer, MP3, cellphone, or burned into a CD. Anyone using these media, and that is almost everyone, is a potential customer. When I showed some of the children's audio titles to my five-year old daughter, she immediately wanted some: Arthur, Ballet Shoes, Rapunzel, etc. These make great gifts for all kinds of people.

Third, the LAB audio books are competitively priced against their physical product counterparts. One does not need to incur shipping cost with this, either. Additionally, every month, there are special offers at significantly low prices and free giveaways of great titles. At the time of writing, they are giving away 21 comic radio shows from BBC completely free.

Check out some specials for this month here:

There is one additional detail. For each audio book listed, there is a hearing sample that one can listen to before making up his mind to buy anything.

The greatest feature on the team building side is that it is FREE to join. How can you beat that!

Comparatively speaking, the LAB audio books are more jam packed with characters than the team building side. Personally, whether I build a large downline or not, I know I will not have qualms recommending Leisure Audio Books to acquaintances, and I will find plenty of uses of them myself.


Friday, January 4, 2008

SFI Review - Ingenious Business Model

I believe SFI is one of the best affiliate programs out there. It has a really solid business model. It has developed some ingenious methods to match market's complimentary needs together. Some of the unique features of SFI are discussed below.

It encourages its affiliates to recruit merchants as well as buying within its network. SFI has Nice Offer (NOC) where affiliates can buy from the network merchants with a discount and/or with commission from SFI. If the affiliate cannot find the coupon for the kind of product or service she needs, she can also try to recruit merchants who provide such services in her community to join the network, which will help promote the merchant's business, enlarge SFI's network and generate some commissions for the affiliate.

SFI encourages its affiliates to buy from SFI products that the affiliate already needs in her daily life anyway, by providing a company-wide sales profit sharing pool. This means a percentage of the company's profit is shared with each affiliate. As such, affiliates who buy products from SFI can also expect some kind of cash back for her purchases.

SFI has recently lauched the EyeEarn advertising program, which is yet another ingenious move. It combines the need by the affiliates to generate leads with the advertising need of large companies. In this program, affiliates are charged one time for $20 for a kit with EyeEarn T-shirts, business cards and a banner for the motor vehicle. Additionally, the affiliate has to log into SFI to do some surveys for advertising companies every month. In return, the affiliate gets a share of leads every month to help build her team. Everyboday in the deal benefits. Such is smart marketing.

SFI has also joined with MaxMall, which adds a plethera of well known marchants to the network. And again, the company wide profit will be shared with the affiliates. As such, affiliates are really motivated to buy from MaxMall. Prices with MaxMall will be the same as if the affiliate makes purchases at her local store.

In short, SFI really represents Strong Future. It has the perfect mix and network, and there is no barrier to join, as the opportunity is FREE.

For more information on SFI and the FREE opportunity to join, click here.

You are also welcome to email me for any specific questions on this program.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Home Business Marketing Strategy That Has Never Failed

Copyright ?Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

Today I'd like to share with you the strategy I used when I first got online many years ago to generate automated income from home. This strategy still works today. You can use it to sell your own products or you can use it to sell other people's products as an affiliate or partner. It can work in practically any niche market.

The theory is simple. Build a list of people who have given you permission to email them about a particular topic and then send relevant information and special offers to those people promoting products and services that you are selling. This is a very easy way to make money.

The first thing you need to do this is a tool called an autoresponder. An autoresponder is simply a tool that collects subscribers for you and gives you the ability to email those people in mass. For example, with an autoresponder you can type an email message saying anything you want, load it into a field that looks just like the text area you type any normal email into, click Send, and your message will be delivered to all your subscribers instantly addressing each one on a first name basis. This could be just 10 people or it could be thousands, even millions.

When you use an autoresponder to send a message promoting a product you are selling to a targeted group of subscribers, you have a very good chance of making sales if what you are offering is something that your subscriber database is interested in.

From my point of view, a lot of the information and systems available online which try to help people make money are over-complicated and often mis-guided. The same simple formula for making money online that worked for me (someone with no previous experience) almost 10 years ago is still working today and it's very, very simple to apply. In fact, I'll walk you through the steps I use (and so do many, many others) to pull in automatic profits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year like clockwork.

The first thing you need is an autoresponder. You don't even need your own website for this. There are many good autoresponders on the market. One that I use is called GetResponse which you can take a look at: . This is the autoresponder I use to deliver my Home Business Secrets Mini-Course at:

As you'll see if you subscribe at the site above, my free mini-course will be delivered to you automatically by email as if it's written to you personally. This takes no effort from me (other than writing the messages in the first place) to deliver this mini-course to you and thousands of other valued subscribers using an autoresponder.

Another autoresponder I use is called AutoResponse Plus. You can check it out at: . The difference between GetResponse and AutoResponse Plus is that GetResponse does not require you to have hosting. It's hosted for you. AutoResponse Plus requires you to have your own hosting account where the company will install the software for you directly. Also, when it comes to building a mailing list, GetResponse provides an in-house service to build your mailing list for you called Get Subscribers which you can see at: . If you are using AutoResponse Plus, you would need to use a third-party service such as List Builder Pro to build your mailing list:

This brings me to the next step of the process of making money on autopilot with an autoresponder. You need subscribers. The fastest way to build a permission-based list of subscribers of people who are interested in what you have to offer is called co-registration. That's what the Get Subscribers and List Builder Pro services provide. All the details about how these work can be found at: and respectively.

Once you know about these services, the steps to make money online are really very simple.

Step 1) Get an autoresponder.
My 2 favorite autoresponders are:
1. GetResponse:
2. AutoResponse Plus:

Step 2) Order subscribers.
Here's 2 reputable co-registration services:
1. Get Subscribers: exclusively with GetResponse)
2. List Builder Pro: with AutoResponse Plus and most other autoresponder in the market, not GetResponse though)

Both of these service can be setup to add subscribers to your autoresponder automatically without you needing to lift a finger. Just go through the guided setup process when placing your order and they will take care of the rest.

Step 3) Make an offer.
Send valuable information and special offers to your subscribers on a regular basis. This is a simple process for making money on autopilot that has never failed me.

In the beginning, I didn't have a lot of money to invest in advertising. That was a good thing. It forced my mind to think about and discover what technique had the lowest risk associated with it. You see, I figured that if I purchased 500 co-registration subscribers, all of these people were mine to contact as often as I wanted until they either bought something from me or unsubscribed. So in the case of Get Subscribers, today I need to pay $189.95 to get 500 guaranteed subscribers. That's 500 people who have given me permission to email them as often as I want. Do you see how powerful this is?

In my niche market, I promote home business products, services and opportunities as an affiliate which all pay very generous commissions. If I email my list of 500 people a few times and just get 5 (1%) of them to sign up for one of the products or programs I promote, I've already made a profit. But the real beauty of this type of advertising is that even after I've made a profit on my initial investment, I still have my complete list of subscribers (minus the few that have unsubscribed) to continue emailing, building a relationship with and promoting different products to. If I'm even the slightest bit creative and consistent with sending offers to my list, I can make a small fortune with this single asset.

What I've described above is EXACTLY how I started making money online many years ago and how I still earn a healthy percentage of my money today.

Maybe you're thinking that setting up an autoresponder and building a list is easy, but you don't know what to email to your list to make money. If that's the case, I invite you to consider that nearly every affiliate program or business opportunity you can join provides pre-written email marketing letters that you can simply copy and send to your list. In most cases, these letters are proven sellers which is why the affiliate programs and business opportunities provide them to you. They have tested them and experienced positive results already.

That said, in my own experience, I usually find that I can get improved results with letters I write myself to my list when I am sincere and offer my own personality, point of view and value to an offer I am promoting.

But the bottom line here is that making money online can be very simple. You don't even need to have your own website, you don't need to attend any seminar or buy any expensive marketing courses, or pay for one-on-one personal coaching, etc. You just need to look around and watch what other people (the big dogs) are doing to make their money. In most cases, they are simply building list and emailing that list special offers and announcements to promote products that generate revenue for them. Instead of being on the receiving end of this one-way marketing barrage, put yourself on the delivering end of the emails and receiving end of the commission checks and bank deposits that arrive when you setup your own autopilot online marketing system.

All you need is an autoresponder, subscribers and an offer. What are you waiting for? You can do it!

About the Author:
If you don't want to do it all yourself, The Home Biz Guy can setup your autoresponder for you and load it with that same pre-written email marketing campaign he uses to pull in automatic profits with 24/7/365. All you need to do at that point is supply the subscribers. Complete details and signup instructions are available for you now at:

My Thoughts on "The Home Business Marketing Strategy That Has Never Failed" by Stone Evans

Today, I want to post an article by Stone Evans, the creator of PlugInProfit program. It talks about a home business strategy that has never failed.

The strategy is basically to build an opt-in list with an autoresponder service. Then maintain contract with your list through emails or newsletters. Every now and then, promote a product to them. If you have 500 subscribers, and only1% (5 people) responded to, say, the PIP sales page, it is already enough to make you profit. One does not even need a personal website that way. Stone attests that he made money years ago with this method.

How to build a list? It is very easy. With a service provider like GetResponse, you can buy co-registration leads, which is at $189 for 500 at the time of writing.

I was glad to read this article. I believe the logic behind it. In a way, Internet marketing is indeed a numbers game. If you market to enough people, you are bound to run into like-minded prospects who will respond, even though it is just 1%.

Stone's article is reassuring because, thinking down this line, I have already purchased some leads from GetResponse. The leads are being delivered slowly but consistently over the past weeks. I do hope to build up my list and market to it with care. If I get 1% sign-up, then my experience will be another testimonial that this strategy never fails, as claimed by Stone. We'll see.

Read this informative article here:

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Today is January 1, 2008. It snowed in the morning in the Boston area. Everything felt quiet and peaceful while 2008 made its unobtrusive entrance.

Such a quiet beginning nourishes sanity and soulful reflections. I reflected on the biggest move in 2007, which was to start a homebiz online with PlugInProfit. I never thought I was the enterpreneur type. But the potential of freedom offered by a homebiz online marketing opportunity just intrigues me no end. I like the idea of flexible hours, working from home, and the financial potentials. I felt so strongly about it that I wrote
an article about it published on

I have made some progress in my homebiz, having some sign-ups for the free programs I offer and am building my opt-in list consistently. All will come in time with consistent effort.

I have two adorable daughters. For 2008, let my homebiz online be my third baby, my baby project, and we will all grow together as a family with a sense of direction.

To a year with great outlook, cheers!