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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is Your Simple Work From Home Opportunity In The Favor Of The Rule Of Randomness?

Driving home from work today, I heard a radio interview about a book on the rule of randomness. I found the discussion fascinating as well as enlightening.

The author (I didn't catch the name) talked of the immense impact of randomness in our lives. Basically, we really don't have complete control over what happens in our lives and, if we try certain thing enough times, it's going to happen for us.

What does this mean for your pursuit of a simple work from home opportunity online? Simply enlightening! It really means to keep on trying new things until one day the rule of randomness goes in your favor. Before you reach that breakthrough point, in any phase of your journey of building your home business online, there is no need to decide if you are a failure or if someone else is a failure or success, as you are not the one determining the timing of your success; the rule of randomness does. After all, Joanne K. Rowling had nine rejections before her Harry Potter became a huge success. Her work was always good; but success only came about when the rule of randomness spoke on her behalf.

It is clear, though, that if you stop trying, even the rule of randomness cannot help you.

So the epiphany of the day is to keep on trying what you believe in, whether it is a work from home opportunity or some other passion or pursuit. If you try it enough times, success will happen to you as the rule of randomness will act on your behalf when the timing is right.

May you be there when the rule of randomness speaks for you.

Ying Hong

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