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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Truth About Pursuing Simple Work From Home Opportunities

Today I received an email from an SFI prospect asking if he can make money by becoming an EA and doing nothing else. I gave him no-fluff answer, as I always do: Qualifying for EA requires $29.95/month while guaranteed payment is about $8-10/month; net investment is about $20. Any more payment would have to come from personal marketing effort.

I enjoyed providing some useful and true information for my prospect. But at the same time, I couldn't help but be amazed by the power of the hype from work from home opporunity ads. I myself, a frequent surfer in TrafficSwarm, have seen more than my share of the hyped ads, most of which create the get rich overnight buzz.

Unless you have tried one of these online opportunities, you would have no point of reference of whether the claim of a hyped ad is true or not. Most people act on what they like to believe rather than solid knowledge of facts. As such, they would fall for an opportunity only to find that their get rich dream didn't happen fast. Some people may then call the opportunities scams while in reality, they didn't take the time to develop the opportunities.

For those of you who read this post who are prospects of online work from home opportunities, consider yourself warned. No matter how easy and simple a work from home opportunity may be, like all other business opportunities, it needs a lot of effort to develop and cultivate. You need to be a constant gardener, tending your business on a daily basis, writing articles about your business, submitting them to article directories, blogging, submitting your website to web directories, adding content to your website, posting in forums, exploring other opportunities, etc. All of these and more need to be done on a daily basis tirelessly.

The real reward of such an online work from home opportunity is not to "do nothing" but to do it with complete flexibility time-wise and location-wise. The sense of independence and freedom as well as the residual income are well worth the effort.

Successful online marketers are first and foremost hardworking individuals. They discipline themselves to a set of work ethics and they do not give up until they succeed. The path to success is no secret. There are numerous ebooks with tried and proven methods on building a successful online home based business. In fact the training material that comes with the simple work from home opportunity package is probably enough guidance.

I hope I have provided some helpful insight for you, simple work from home opporutnity prospects. And I hope you take action with a well-informed mind.

Ying Hong

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