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Thursday, May 22, 2008

What to Expect When Submitting to Web Directories


Submitting your website to various web directories is one important method to build up backlinks. However, for the longest time, I procrastinated on doing it for the simple reason of not knowing what to expect at a submission, and I hated the idea of scrambling for information on the spot. Since I purchased DirectorySubmitter, I finally broke into this routine. This post is to provide background information on submisstion for those people who are still procrastinating.

Typical Information Required

Email - some sites will send you an email and require confirmation before they will review and approve of your site.
Link Title - title of your webpage
Link Description - brief description of your website
Reciprocal Link -some sites require a reciprocal link from your site in order to list your link for free in their web directory
First Name
Last Name
- some sites require that you open an account with a username
Password - and a password

It is advised that you prepare various versions of the Link Title, Link Description and Keywords in order to make your listing unique.


Most web directories will require that you select the most relevant category to add your link to. Typical categories for online home business opportunities can fall under Business\opportunities.


A lot of web directories have the free option; this is an obvious choice if you just need the backlink. There are also featured listings that cost from $1-$50 - $100 or more. Certain sites let you bid on the price to be listed. Some paid listing is also for a period of time, like a year. A lot of the sites will require a reciprocal link on your site for theirs. If you don't have a spot on your website to list these links yet, do not select this option.

Other Notes

Not all directories are appropriate for your specific website. Some directories are regionally specific. For instance, I came across a site that requires the submitted site to be located in Austrailia. Others are niche specific; a psychic directory does not host a work from home website agreeably.

Most directories will not accept a site under construction and will not accept affiliate links.

How Soon Will Your Submission Be Listed

For some sites, listing is instant. Others may take weeks and months. Typically, premium links will be reviewed sooner than free listing. Worrying about how long it will take for your submitted website to be listed is a complete waste of time.

It is not hard to see that submitting to web directories can be a time consuming and tedious job. Any kind of automation is desirable than the complete manual approach. As I mentioned earlier, I purchased DirectorySubmitter. It has 3000+ directories and is able to populate the online submission form automatically with the profile information you have previously established. This helps a lot. However, one would still need to read the submission guidelines for a given web directory here and there in order not to miss any perculiar requirements.

Submitting to web directories is the perfect job to do when you don't feel inspired to write anything or do anything. For those with DirectorySubmitter, the submissions are much more pleasant tasks than otherwise.

Hope the above has provided some helpful information. I want to end today's post with a delightful site I came across while doing the submission: http://www.unasked.com/. As its name says, it does not ask you for anything but just your url and email to list you, and it has a PR5.

Ying Hong

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