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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Give Your Simple Work From Home Opportunity A Boost in 45 Days

No matter how simple the work from home opportunity you pursue, it is always hard to have a good start that leads to a solid routine. I find myself looking for inspirations constantly in an effort to stay focused on building my home business online. It is a delicate balancing act between all the informational distractions and focused business practice, and I have to say that distractions are powerful.

If you are looking for some external help to motivate you to effectively focus your effort, PipsPowerGroup (PPG) is as close as it gets to giving you this kind of help. I am a member of the group, and I have seen the mentors of PPG, being immensely successful on their own online businesses, share no-fluff practice wisdom with all members. Just recently, they have lauched a contest to help boost their members' home business building effort.

This interesting contest is to last for about 45 days (Jun -mid July). It begins by voluntary memebers noting down their urls and Alexa ranking in a forum thread. Then each participant is supposed to report a laundry list of what she/he has done for her/his business in a designated forum thread everyday. The activities are monitored by the mentors and the results are tallied at the end of the 45 days to determine the winners.

The top winners will have some cash incentives. But that's besides the point. The goal of the test is to have an external force to help focus the individual's effort in building her/his home business. With mentors monitoring an individual's business practice routine on a daily basis, this is epitomizing the gist of mentoring yet.

I am tremendously interested in participating in this contest despite the concern that I may not have enough time to work on my simple work from home opportunity, what with a full time job and two young children. Regardless, it is a great opportunity to give a boost to my home business building effort, and I will find out the potentials of a 45 day period in terms of marketing effort from fellow participants.

Ying Hong

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