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Thursday, March 13, 2008

6 FREE eBooks for You


I have obtained 6 fantastic ebooks on making money online that I would like to share with you. Here is the list of the books and what they are about.

Book 1 – Dotcomology
This book is by the reputed Stone Evans, who created the beloved PlugIn4Profit program for Internet newbies. This book has 325 pages and covers everything you need to know about running a business online, such as the kinds of ventures available, how to pursue, how to market, SEO know-how, etc.. You can expect to be an expert in theory of Internet marketing once you’ve gone through it. The book is as thorough and comprehensive as its title suggests.

Book 2 – To Online Fortunes
This book is a guide for newbies. It explains the Internet market and how it works in layman’s terms. The book is 118 pages. It is a comprehensive coverage of one’s options of making money online. It gives a lot of information that will help a newbie gain bearings in the world of Internet business. Lots of useful resources listed as well. Newbies must have.

Book 3 – The Affiliate Marketing Success Road Map
This book is all about how to be successful in affiliate marketing on the Internet. The book is 41 pages and gives as much information as could be in a super succinct manner. A very efficient book with actionable guides and is easy to read.

Book 4 – Bloggers Guide to Profit
This book has 27 pages. It dissects the power of blogging in promoting a business and provides ample information on how to set one up, tools to use, how to operate it, etc. It basically guides you step by step on how to make profit with blogging. Blogging is about the most efficient way to promote a business that is completely free. This is highly recommended for those who do not have a lot of (or any, for that matter) funds to invest in their initial online venture.

Book 5 - Mining Gold From Ebay
Like Bloggers Guide to Profit, this book is short and sweet with 32 pages but covers efficiently all major angles of making full use of eBay to financial gains. There are many ways to make money online. This book gives a great guide to work the system of eBay. It will definitely prove to be beneficial for anyone who frequents eBay (might as well make some profit for yourself), or who wants to branch out to include eBay in one’s business portfolio.

Book 6 – Internet Copycatting
This book explains 9 business models on the Internet that have proven to make people financial gains. Each model is explained in a uniform, easy to follow format with pros and cons, tips, resources, complete with an interview with someone who has had great success with the method. Very helpful in understanding your options.

These books combined cover all major aspects of making money online. If you can read anyone of them thoroughly, you’ll know more about Internet marketing than most people. If you have all of them at your fingertips and make use of some guidance in them, if not all, I challenge you not to make an abundance of money at all. The information these books provide are so priceless, in an intangible kind of way.

I paid to get these ebooks. But now you can have them all for FREE. If you are interested in pursuing a work from home opportunity online, I urge you to take advantage of these FREE ebooks to learn what building a home business online. You can get access to it right here:
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Start learning about Internet marketing and be on your way to financial freedom and a true sense of self and independence.

The first step you can take to build your Internet home business is to learn about what is out there. These books will answer the lion share of the questions you may have, and they are FREE. Take them!

Ying Hong

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