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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Simple Insights To Know When Pursuing A Work From Home Opportunity

Copyright by ying Hong 2008

The Internet has made it possible for millions of people to make money online. Advertisements for work at home opportunities are abundant and tend to hype them as effortless, in some cases, free and /or with overnight successes possible. How should the average person interpret the potentials of these opportunities, and what can one realistically expect from the promises?

Aside from scams, most of these online opportunities have some level of potentials. Some opportunities offer more free tools than others. Others offer better commissions while assessing a monthly fee and/or upfront investment. Still others have more certainty of return but require a lot of time, and the return is relatively low (such as online surveys). Regardless of the types of opportunities, none is effortless and none is likely an overnight success.

A good work at home opportunity package should be simple to set up and provide as many free tools and guides as possible. An average prospect can reasonably expect the following components be free when evaluating a potential opportunity:
1) Customizable website (eg. PlugIn4Profit)
2) Non customizable gateways (eg, SFI, Success University, Leisure Audio Books, Empowerism, etc.)
3) Training (eg. PlugIn4Profit)
4) Marketing aids (eg. PlugIn4Profit)
5) Promotional offers (eg. PlugIn4Profit)
6) Certain amount of traffic credits (eg. PlugIn4Profit, TrafficSwarm)
7) Various webmaster tools (eg. SFI, Empowerism, on the web in general)
8) Access to products to sell (eg. SFI, Leisure Audio Books)
9) Support (eg. PlugIn4Profit)
10) Other freebies

What is NOT free:

1) Hosting service –
This is a must if you have your own website. Although it is possible to have free hosting service, authorities say that you get what you pay for when it comes to hosting services. If you want your website to be a reliable one in the eye of your potential customers, a free version may not be wise.

2) AutoResponders –
This is also important as it helps automate your communications to your list of potential customers. A serious online home biz will have this service sooner or later.

3) The marketing effort of promoting your website -
This last component has the lion’s share of an online home biz opportunity. No one has been able to make the marketing part free for any Internet marketer because it is just impossible. Having a business online essentially is learning all the skills to promote a website and put them into action, spending as much or as little along the way depending on the desired pace of progress by the marketer. This process of learning and applying of the knowledge cannot be passed on readily. The individual has to go through the experience by himself, much like a child has to grow up to know what growing up is like.

To sum up, a work from home opportunity may be simple but by no means effortless. Interested prospects should bear in mind that no matter what opportunities they pursue, they will likely need to learn all the skills necessary to promote a business on the Internet; this is an extended process and will not happen overnight. The aspiring marketer’s success is less likely attributable to the easy, effortless appearance as hyped by the solicitation of the opportunity but will be dependent completely upon himself. With personal effort and dedication, any kind of opportunity will bring some level of return.

Ying Hong

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