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Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to Be Efficient In Your Internet Marketing Effort

In the course of building my Simple Work From Home Opportunity, I have come to certain realizations here and there that I wouldn't have had without my simple home biz online. Today, I want to share my revelation on efficiency. I realized that success in Internet marketing has a lot to do with efficiency, or speed, which also translates into quantity in some sense, and this efficiency has to do with developing a system in doing things, a system not necessarily a software package, but rather, practice management.

I got a chance to reflect upon this in the course of my article marketing effort. I like to write my own articles, and I think they are decent articles as well. However, I have not been able to do two articles a week consistently. This, compared with other people who are submitting articles everyday, is quite a pathetic effort. How can I write faster? There must be a way.

My membership with Pipspowergroup recommended a writing system that promises to help you write an article in 30 minutes. I checked into it and found that the system, or rather, practice management, is to help the individual focus on following a fast-writing habit repeatedly until it is second nature. The method is really not extraordinary conceptually; but it is very smart.

The method makes you complete your starting thought with whatever comes to mind that is relevant, even if it is remotely so. It does not allow you to check or critique yourself until the writing is done. By doing so, you get to focus putting down your input on the given topic instead of critiquing yourself or second guessing yourself on if there is a better way to present your point. Such straying of thoughts is what I am habitual to, unfortunately.

It is interesting to realize that my own thoughts were slowing me down. I tend to try to be thoughtful and analyze everything thorougly before taking actions, perhaps to a fault. In the Internet marketing arena, success really comes with duplication of proven steps in many cases. If article marketing is the best method to build backlinks for the gurus, it will work also for the newbies. There is really not much analysis called for in this respect. What is called for is taking actions, and quickly for that matter.

In any event, the main point I'm making here today is that our own thoughts are what slow us down in our effort. If we could be as simple as Forrest Gump, incapable of sophisticated analysis of everything, we may be better blessed in the world of Internet Marketing, as was Forrest Gump in his ventures. We may follow simple directions more readily and focus better in any of our actions.

In terms of writing articles, my thoughts that have often slowed me down, I now realize, are those that try to read from the top after every sentence. I tried to come up with the best sentence in the coherent structure and usually found very little to reword after the article was completed. As such, it would really take time to finish a complete article. This pace will never be enough to build backlinks efficiently.

I resolve here to follow the smart 30 minute article writing system and develop the habit of fast writing. As a starter, I will not check my sentence each time one is written, but will continue with the flow of my thoughts until the topic concludes naturally. I will go back to do edits afterwards. Let's see if this kind of approach will help me produce the kind of articles that I'm pleased with.

Do you share this revelation with me?

Ying Hong

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