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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Success University - Be Successful with the 3% Rule

As a Success University student, I take advantage of the self-development courses available to me. Today, I felt considerably inspired by a lesson in a course titled "Secrets of A Sales Super Star" by Brian Tracy, who is a highly acclaimed writer and trainer for over half a million sales professionals in 23 countries.

In this particular lesson, Brian talks about the importance of continuous learning. He advocates the practice of the 3% rule. The rule calls for anyone to Invest 3% of one's total earnings every month into becoming better at what one does. By committing this regular investment in oneself, one's skills will transform one into the ultimate successful professional one aspires to be.

I found the 3% rule interesting and enlightening. Most of us tend to chase the daily routines without thinking much about continuing education. Yet pursuing this continuing education is what gives fresh energy to whatever one does. Investing this 3% in personal development helps us see what real success is in life and how to think outside of the box. It gives vision to the individual and, vision, is exactly where most people fall short of having.

I couldn't help but connect my investment in Success University ($49.95/mo) with the 3% investment. The monthly tuition of $49.95 is about 3% of an annual income of $20k. Those who make at least $20k a year, who has not made any investment to better themselves really have no excuses not to do so right away or soon.

What better place to start this investment in yourself than Success Univeristy? 3% is not much of the total earnings, and $49.95/month is not much in light of the priceless guidance you get on your path to reach your utmost potentials in life. After all, you are investing in yourself. This investment will give you access to all the great minds and their wisdom with Success University; it will tune your attitude to one that aligns with achieving perosnal best in life.

I would give anything if I could be guided by great minds to find my callings and reach my potentials in life, let alone 3% of my earnings, which is easily greater than $49.9/month. Plus this opportunity also incorporates a simple work from home opportunity into it so that any student is automatically given a chance to build his own home business at the same time of getting the life coaching.

Once I started using the achievement courses in the Success University, I find the investment so worth it.

Ying Hong

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