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Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Motivations for Pursuing a Work from Home Business Online

There are many reasons that people start pursuing a work from home business on the Internet. Some of the common ones are:
1. Financial reward
2. More free time with family
3. Less work hours (wishful thinking, of course)
4. Flexibility with location
5. Be your own boss
6. Less polution for the environment (saved from cutting the commuting)

I share all of these motivations to some degree. But I have two reasons that top all of the above.

My number 1 motivation is to build something by myself. This is different from resenting the boss-subordinate relationship at work that you see in some work from home opportunity ads. I actually have really good rapport at work. My 9-5 job has never been a source of undesirable stress. Still, I want to build something by myself. Thanks to the Internet; it has made it easy to start this pursuit.

My number 2 motivation is that I feel compelled by the age of the Internet in many ways. I truly believe the Internet will become our main media for most of everything, if not all, in the future. I am amazed by the potentials of the Internet and enjoy learning new technology to make things work faster and better. I really want to be part of the Internet community.

What are your motivations? Feel free to drop me a note and share some thoughts. Or leave a comment.


Ying Hong

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