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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Make A Simple Plan for Online Success

One of the mentors at the Pipspowergroup with which I am a member did a post of "Your mini day" recently. In the post, he highlights the importance of planning in the overall strategy for online business success. Basically, the proportion of the time resource spent on planning should be 1/3, while another 1/3 is on promoting the business and still another on taking care of emails and article writing combined.

This is an interesting point. Most people, myself included, do not do enough planning. It never occurred to me that I needed to allow time to plan for my next day's marketing activities. Perhaps due to this lack of plan, I find myself lose focus easily. Sometimes, I will feel inspired to do many things while other times, I would feel all of a sudden lost.

If you find yourself hang out in the forums and/or checking emails most of the time, then you could probably use some planning.

When it comes to planning, the more specific the goal the better. For instance, it is good to decide on a link building campaign, but it is better to commit to submitting to, say, 10 web directories everyday. It is good to set the goal of writing one article a week, but it is better to determine the title of your next article and the time slot you have to get it done.

The reason for specific planning is that there are so many contending priorities in building an online home business that without a clear order of specific steps, one may just lose oneself in the combined jungle of information overload and administrative logistics. Before long, one would feel disillusioned with the work from home opportunity by the lack of progress.

Therefore, to avoid the pitfall of not having a plan, here is the solution: have a plan. Here are a few guidelines for you to make an actionable plan:

1. Use 1/3 of your daily time commitment to your home business to figure out a plan for the next day.
2. Be very exact and specific about the task(s) you plan for your next day
3.Avoid distractions at all cost and focus on following your plan
4. Make the plan simple and tasks achievable

This is the guideline that I am following myself. I hope you will find it helpful.

To your online home biz success.

Ying Hong

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