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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Much Does PlugIn4Profit Cost – Simple Review

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PlugIn4Profit is a work from home opportunity package developed by the reputed Stone Evans. It aims to simplify the process of starting a home biz online and has an impressive record in helping Internet newbies transition into owning a home based business in the Internet marketing arena.

How much does it cost to join PlugIn4Profit? Let’s take a look.

The PlugIn4Profit program consists of 6 affiliate programs:

  • Leisure Audio Books (FREE)
  • SFI (FREE)
  • Host4Profit (FREE)
  • TrafficSwarm (FREE)
  • Success University ($2 first 14 days, thereafter $49.95/month)
  • Empowerism ($24.95 first month, thereafter $19.95/month)
  • As you can see, four of the six affiliate programs are free to join. Although all of the four FREE programs have options for upgrades, it is up to the individual to make that decision, and success can be had without upgrading.

    The two paid programs, namely Success University and Empowerism, have much more powerful commission structures than the FREE programs. As a general rule, programs that require some initial and/or recurring investments, always tend to pay better as well.

    Prospects can have the choice of joining any combination of the six automated streams of income. Participation in all six is recommended but not required. Those who are really tight for budget can choose to join the FREE programs first. Once they have learned how to market on the Internet, they can re-invest in the two paid programs.

    Aside from the six automated streams of income, the core piece of the PlugIn4Profit program is actually the joined package of a FREE website and the paid hosting service. By subscribing to the Host4Profit’s hosting service ($24.95/month), combined with any of the affiliate programs listed above, you can become a PlugIn4Profit member and receive a free website plugged in with the chosen affiliate program(s) ready to go live within 24 hours. Host4Profit can also register a domain name for you at $15/year.

    Soon after joining the PlugIn4Profit program, another expense may become necessary. This is the fee for the autoresponder service with GetResponse, which is free for the initial days. This service is necessary because it runs the 400 day newsletters, which is a prominent feature of the PlugIn4Profit package. The least costly payment option for this service is $145/yr, which averages about $12/month. All other options have higher monthly fees. Regardless, one can choose not to use the autoresponder service and not run the newsletters, which is not wise, but ok to do.

    To recap, the minimum cost to join PlugIn4Profit is :

    • Web hosting: $24.95/month
    • Domain name registration $15/year (not necessary if you already have a domain name)
    • Autoresponder $145/year (Recommended but not required)

    Total of the above $184.95 for first month, thereafter $24.95/month, or

    • Just Web hosting $24.95/month

    These are the basic investments that a serious Internet marketer should make. Although various levels of advertising is a great idea, prospects who are extremely budget conscious can forego all paid options initially and still make powerful marketing impacts by using the FREE methods of article marketing, blogging, forum posting and directory submitting.

    With all due respect, PlugIn4Profit can make online success happen.

    Ying Hong

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