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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Keeping Your Best Unique Content to Yourself

My first ever articels were submitted to Ever since my articles were accepted and I was labeled an Expert Author, pride welled up in me and made me want to reach that next level - the Platinum Member. To that end, despite my limited article marketing effort, I rushed to submit every new article I wrote to EzineArticles. Now I am beginning to wonder if I should keep my best original content for myself instead of handing it over to other sites.

The notion of keeping the best unique content for yourself first struck me when Mal Keenan, a Pipspowergroup mentor, mentioned it in his ebook created for the Pipspowergroup members. He basically said that we should create a lot of unique content, and we should keep it either on our own blogs or add it to our primary websites. After all, why should we contribute to the unique content of other sites.

I know Mal didn't mean not to do article marketing. I take it that he means that if you already have some articles out there, let them multiply the backlinks while any more new unique content you create should be kept for yourself on your blog. Interesting concept; and I think it makes intuitive sense.

It is important to build up the presence of your website or blog by continuously adding new content to them. In the long run, keeping the best original content for yourself sometimes should prioritize over submitting it to other sites, particularly if you have already have backlinks from these sites through past submissions.

It also makes intuitive sense to spread out your articles to different directories instead of submitting to a few sites repeatedly. Two links from the same site cannot weigh as much as two links from different sites with the same PR in the eye of the search engines.

To conclude, the strategy in article marketing is (1)to submit to different directories vs repeated submissions to the same sites (2)to keep new unique content for yourself after you have disseminated some articles out there. Also, getting that Platinum Member designation is really not that important after all.

Ying Hong

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