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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

10 Simple Tips on How to Rewrite Articles Quickly


Rewriting articles is not as simple as it seems. It can be time consuming to figure out a different way of saying things when we think the concept has already been expressed in the most proper manner. However, with simple tips listed below, rewriting articles may become less of a challenge and will end up saving us some time.

1. Reverse the order of the complex sentences
2. Break complex sentences into two or three simple sentences
3. Join simple sentences into a complex sentence
4. Turn questions into statements and statements to questions
5. Add words to a sentence or delete words from it to change the word count
6. Replace words with synonyms
7. Turn passive sentences into active ones and vice versa
8. Rephrase a positive sentence negatively, vice versa
9. Add personal experiences and view points
10.Shift the paragraphs around (but make sure the whole article still flows coherently by making adjustments as necessary)

With enough practice, these 10 tips can make rewriting articles a breeze.


Ying Hong

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