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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to Use Directory Submitter - User Review

I understand the importance of submitting your website to directories in terms of building backlinks. But for the longest time, I didn't start. Perhaps I didn't feel comfortable knowing what to expect from the directories. Finally, I had enough of waiting around and decided to get some help. I then took advantage of a $30 discount as a member of the Pipspowergroup and bought Directoy Submitter.

With Directory Submitter, directory submission has come through with clarity for me. I'm glad that I finally got started on this track. There are several components to Directory Submitter that solve the major challenges of manual submission.

1. Finding the list of directories to submit to
Directory Submitter has over 3000 directories already in its system with PR8-1. One can select anyone to submit to or just go down the list. Sites that one has submitted to will automatically be labeled "sent". One can also add more directories to the database.

2. Writing different versions of the website description and keywords
This will take some time initially when one sets up one's profile. It is recommended that slightly different versions get submitted each time to avoid spamming. Directory Submitter suggests that one put in at least 10 different versions of the link title, site description and the keywords. The software will rotate a different combination of these three components so that a unique profile gets submitted each time.

3. Doing the submission
After the profile is done, one can just start clicking any directory displayed on the screen and start submitting. For most sites, clicking the link automatically brings one to the submission page of a given directory. The information from the the profile already set up is automatically populated in the relevant cell of the form. In many cases, all one needs to do is just two clicks: one to open up the submission page; the other to submit.

There are exceptions to this two-click routine. Some directories require a fee; others have certain specific stipulations that may require some edits to the submission information already filled in by your profile. For instance, I have a different email address for directory submission from the one on my website. Certain directories require that these two email addresses must be the same one.

It has to be said that even with Directory Submitter, the submission process is still manual, although a lot of the data entry is done for you. This manual process is actually a good thing as it paces the quantity of submissions to a natural degree. Search engines do not like to see a site all of a sudden have tons of backlinks as it is counter intuitive to natural growth.

In terms of price, I find buying Directory Submitter fare much better than any paid service out there. The least expensive directory submission I have found is $0.08/submission when ordered at 750 ($60) submissions at a 40-70% acceptance rate. With Directory Submitter, for $97, one gets far more links to submit to (this list is still growing). One can also set up more profiles for more websites to submit to directories; this is like recycling the $97 over and over again. This is really a better investment in the long run.

If you set submitting to directories as a long term goal, then Directory Submitter costs much less than enlisting any paid submission service.

To your link building success.

Ying Hong

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