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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Traffic Swarm Overview by

When I first joined Plugin4Profit, I had Traffic Swarm as a free program by default. I never really knew how it would serve me. After surfing through the ads for some time and getting daily traffic from it, I realize what a resource Traffic Swarm is. There is so much information on business opportunities, marketing tools, green products, etc. If I had not been committed to Plugin4Profit, I probably would have picked some other interesting business opportunities in Traffic Swarm.

Here are some basics about Traffic Swarm for anyone who does not know.

What is Traffic Swarm
Traffic Swarm is an online ad service, or a traffic exchange. It is probably the best traffic exchange on the Internet. Just look it up at, and you'll see how much traffic it gets. And traffic means exposure for your ads.

Who should use Traffic Swarm
Anyone who is promoting something, whether it is a business opportunity, a marketing tool, an ebook, a special product, etc. can use Traffic Swarm. You do not need to have a website to use it. But you do need a link or an affiliate gateway that you want to promote. . The sheer volume of the views in Traffic Swarm will well build you some web presence, if not immediate sales.

A membership with Traffic Swarm, for instance, is perfect for new SFI affiliates, who may not have their own websites yet, but have plenty of gateway links provided by the SFI company to promote.

How does Traffic Swarm work
You, as a member, will surf other people's ads to earn credits for your own ads to show. For each ad, you will view for at least 20 seconds for the credit to count, and it would be 1-5 credits for free members, but many many more for paid members. Surfing ads is not necessarily a drudgery of a job. Personally, I find a lot of useful information from the ads. My problem is that I need to tell myself not to spend too much time on one ad in order to earn more credits.

How to generate credits
There are a few ways to do this. (1) Upon signing up, you get 100 credits right away. (2) You can assign your internet starting page to be Traffic Swarm so that everytime you go online, that page will load and you will earn one credit. (3)You can buy lottery with your existing credit and try to get the daily jackpot. (4) You can refer other people to join Traffic Swarm and get credits when they surf the ads. (5)You can also buy credits. Sometimes, this method may work better than PPC with large search engines.

Levels of membership
Basic membership is free forever. You can show 10 urls. Paid memberhip is $30/mo. Paid membership gets a lot more credits in everything.

How to make money with Traffic Swarm
Aside from making sales with your ad, you can also earn commission on each paid membership you refer at $5/paid member/month.

Strategy to use Traffic Swarm
If you have just signed on to an affiliate program, by all means join Traffic Swarm as a free member and put your advert in for the world to see. While you surf the ads, pay attention to useful tools that may help you in your marketing endeavor. Many of the offers are free or very low commitment. Then when you start to build a list of your own, send an email to your list to join Traffic Swarm, explaining the benefits of traffic and exposure as well as the potential for residual income on the affiliate program. Like minded people to want exposure for their promotion will usually respond positively.

Want to find out more about how Traffic Swarm can work for you? Click here.

Happy surfing!

Ying Hong

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