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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Success University – Top Personal Development Program With an Income Guarantee

Success University is one of the top personal development programs on the Internet. It features teachings of some really talented individuals who have completely transcended their inherited, disadvantaged lives and have become immensely successful in their chosen paths of life. Their stories are nothing short of amazing and by all means inspiring.

Aside from the powerful educational curriculum, Success University also sponsors an affiliate program. Students of the University can earn commissions on people they refer to the University. This makes this program a simple work from home opportunity with great residual income potentials.

The combination of the personal development education and residual income opportunity can be perfect for people who seek quality self-help or who enjoy life coaching themselves. Who could not use the wisdom of these exceptional educators and become more fulfilled in aspects of life such as career, finance, relationship, health, spirituality, to name a few. Who wouldn’t also appreciate an opportunity to gain financial freedom through spreading the gospel of success to many others?

Success University also has one other unique feature to its affiliate program that is not seen anywhere else. It has a guarantee of income of $50,000/year. The program provides a simple proven plan of action for success that the student is required to follow for a whole year. At the end of the year, if the student is not making $50,000 or more, the University will refund 100% of the student’s investment.

Here’s a sneak preview of the simple proven plan of action:

  • Commit to Autoship of 50 Empower magazines per month for the next 12 months
  • Hand out 2 magazines per day (or at least 50 a month)
  • Input the contact information for each of your prospects into your Success University back office

    Follow up with the prospects is necessary. However, Success University has great features and help available to help you enroll new students. This includes having a veteran talk to the prospects, practically doing your sales calls for you.

  • The Autoship of 50 Empower magazines costs $197, plus shipping. This may sound a lot. However, the truth is that many Internet marketers easily spend $300/month without knowing if they spend it wisely. With Success University, you know that you will get this $197*12=$2,364 back at the end of the year if you are not making $50,000.

    This guarantee is truly an extraordinary offer from the University. This shows everybody how confident the University is about this proven formula to success.

    Success University asks for $2 to try out the program for 14 days. There are many bonuses available to download during the 14 day trial period. The $2 the University donates to charity. If the prospect decides to become a basic member, the cost is $49.95/month.

    Last but not least, Success University has one of the most powerful commission structures. Once you build your team, you will see how this cream of the crop commission structure contributes to your financial freedom. Learn more about the commissions here.

    To Your Success!

    Ying Hong

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