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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Article Marketing - Best Practice

There are a number of ways to do article marketing. Some people submit short aritcles in volumes to just EzineArticles to get traffice; others use an article submission service such as SubmitYourArticles, or use a software such as ArticlePostRobot; still others use a combination of manual submissions to major article directories and mass distribution to other directories. In the end, all methods work, but it is a personal choice to stick with any particular method.

My personal perspective of the the best practice of article marketing is as follows:

1. Write an original niche relatedarticle

2. Put the article on your website first.

3. Put a summary of the article on your blog with the same article title. This gives you two chances of search engines picking this article up in the search result.

4. Write a different but lesser version and submit it to Ezinearticles. It is the general concensus (and my personal experience attests to that as well ) that Ezinearticles sends more traffic as it ranks superbly with search engines.

5 Rewrite again for further distribution either through a service, a software or manually.

To the extent that more rewritten versions of the same article can be done, one should do so to send to more high ranked article directories. This will help maximize chances of both traffic and quality backlinks.

It is important that one should always add the unique content created to one's own site first. This is for the long term benefit. Rewriting lesser versions to submit to other directories will also make the original version on one's own site the authority. In the end, giving the best content consistently to one's own site is the way to build it up through the search engine rankings.

Hope this information is helpful.

Ying Hong

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