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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Article Marketing - To Rewrite or Not to Rewrite

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Rewriting an original article multiple versions and submitting them to different article directories is an often recommended strategy for articl marketing. I myself have done some rewriting but am sure not enough. I have to admit that for the longest time, the real importance of rewriting has eluded me, that is until now.

To rewrite an article or not is really a choice between whether you want more organic traffic from the search engines vs. some traffic from the article directories. Both could be valuable.

If you rewrite enough unique versions of one article, the search engines will likely index all your versions with various article directories, which means that your article will come up in the search results. This gives the surfers a chance to read your article and possible visit your site. Hence the organic traffic.

If you do not rewrite and submit the same version to different directories, the directories will accept your article, but the search engines may only index the copy from one of the directories to return in the related search results. By the way, the search engines will not penalize you in any common sense of the word, unless ignoring qualifies as penalizing.

If the article directories themselves have high traffic, they may still pass that on to your article and your site, in which case you also get highly targeted traffic.

Rewriting takes a little more time and has the advantage of search engine traffic, which has boundless potential. However, both methods may end up benefiting you in roughly the same way in terms of traffic for quite some time.

Regardless of which method you choose, you should always remember to put an absolutely unique article on your own site. This is an important way to build your site through the ranks.

Therefore, to rewrite or not to rewrite, that is your choice.

Ying Hong

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