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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pips Power Group (PPG) Is One of A Kind!


I joined Pipspowergroup (PPG) about two weeks ago. This is a mentoring program that aims at providing personal attention to individuals who try to cut through the fluff of information and make head ways with their home business ventures. The group consists of PIP's long-time veterans (Jeff Casmer, Suzanne Morrison, Jeff Schumann, Mal Keenan, Cynthia Mannaar, and Ken Troyer).

Two weeks have passed, and I have to say that this group is awesome! They have really provided a lot of guidance to each of us with no fluff. I have had the mentors diagnose my blog, my articles, and my keyword choice and received actionable suggestions to improve. There is really no better way to get one's bearings in this business than having this kind of mentoring comminication.

I haven't got a chance to make use of all the free resources and bonuses yet, but here are some really cool features that the mentoring group offers:

  1. specific action plans by levels with clearly stated goal of how much profit the plan aims to achieve
  2. dedicated discussions to help members stay organized and keep track of their progress
  3. case studies of volunteer members' sites, blogs, etc.
  4. discussions on how much/little to spend to get results
  5. discussions on how much to write is enough
  6. 30 Day to Success companion (it is really refreshing to see it from the veterans' perspective; one realizes that not doing the upgrades is not the end of the world)
  7. mentors sharing practice management and past

This is just the tip of the ice-berg. There are other great topics that are supposedly shared by the inner circles only.

Pipspowergroup has really delivered their promise of no fluff mentoring and has in places exceeded my expectations with their thoughtfulness. I do think that this group adds great values and would recommend any struggling/aspiring pipster to give it a try. I really believe the mentoring program will cut anyone's learning curve to the shortest possible length and that dedicated members will move on to be new successes of PlugInProfit programs.


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