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Monday, July 7, 2008

Find PR of Your Backlinks - Free Web Tool

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If you are in a link building campaign, like I am, you would want to know who is linking back to to you and their page rank. Here is just a free tool to check this. I have just found it and would like to share it with you.

This tool provides a list of up to 1000 backlinks that you have and will list their page ranks for you as well as the anchor text. Although the maximum of the listing is 1000, it does tell you the total links at the top.

As a result of using this tool, I have reached the conclusion that I really need to increase the backlinks from those sites with higher PR's. I appreciate all my backlinks but a lot of them have low PR right now (I'm sure their rank will soar later :)).

The easiest way to get backlinks from high PR sites is through social book marking. I have done some but haven't got the time to do more. Now that I see my links' page ranks and how they can easily be higher, I decide that I need to to do more social bookmarking to increase the quality of my backlinks.

Without further ado, this very cool, completely free web tool is:

Hope you find it useful.


Ying Hong

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