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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PipsPowerGroup Summer Business Building Contest Update


Back at the beginning of June, Pipspowergroup started a summer contest for its members. The contest should last about 45 days. Each voluntary participant would start with their initial Alexa ranking and url documented in a designated thread and post their daily activities afterwards through the duration of the contest.

Now 30 days have passed, and the mentors have announced a current standing of the top 10.

It came as an extreme surprise, but I am glad to report that I am among the top 10. I really haven't done as much as I would like. I see everyday that other members were posting more activities than me and often felt I hadn't done enough.

I do tell myself that I should mind my own pace. I have a full time job and two young children; finding time to work on my simple work from home opportunity consistently is a challenge, although so far, I've managed to do something almost everyday.

There are actually more activities that I have done that I did not post. They pertain to reading relevant materials, surfing for traffic credits, posting in private forums, working on articles, etc. I didn't include them as I don't think they result in a concrete backlink. I only reported activities where I created some content, such as a blog post, or article, or actual web directory submissions. When it comes down to it, I feel as though only content and backlinks matter.

I think the Pipspowergroup mentors were brilliant in scheming up this contest as it really helps us start developing a daily work routine, which I think is the key to success with online work from home opportunities.

There are still 15 days left of the contest. The mentors say that it is a close contest, and standings can change. With my limited time, I may not move as fast as I wish, but as long as I can establish a solid routine, I feel satisfied. Anything else would be icing on the cake.

Good luck to the fellow contestants.

Ying Hong

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