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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Simple Work From Home Opportunity On A Part-Time Basis: Pros and Cons

Most people who start an online, simple work from home opportunity would not do it on a full time basis right away, and I am one of them. If you are tempted also by a part-time pursuit of an online home business opportunity, here are some pros and cons from my personal expereince to help you make your decision.

- Have the security of income from your regular job for your daily life
- Because of the above, afford to take the time to learn Internet marketing at your own pace
- Having income from the regular job also means a solid resource for business expenses from your online opportunity
- Maintain connection to the work community ( this is important to some people)

- Lots of personal sacrifice as other interests and obligations may likely be infringed upon by the online pursuit
- Loss of sleep. Home business online takes time to learn and cultivate. With a full-time job and possibly other home bound responsibilities, you may find yourself cut into your sleep time consistently to try to get work done.
- It may take much longer to see results
- Higher risk of failure in light of the extended period of business building time without seeing any result

In short, the greatest pro is that you still have the income and the biggest con is that you do not have enough time. Money and time cannnot both be had. With that in mind, here are some recommended solutions:

1) Find a mentor.
The mentor can help shorten your learning curve significantly providing insight and seasoned wisdom of the trade. You can expect to get inspiration, strategy, motivation and encouragement from your mentor.

2) Make necessary investment/business expenses to buy time
There are some routine tasks that do not need to be done by you personally, such as directory submission, article submissions, etc. To the extent you have the budget and if you want a faster pace of growth for your business, it would be wise to enlist services to do the mundane tasks. You can save the time to strategize for your business; this is the part that you cannot outsource even for money.

Hope this post has provided some helpful information.

Ying Hong

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