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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Empowerism - Auto Responder

Empowerism has a designated autoresponder company- Email Aces - to handle all its subscribers' autoresponder services. The use of Email Aces is seamlessly woven into the subscription to Empowerism that a newbie pretty much has to use it.

The way this partnership between Empowerism and Email Aces to work is as follows. Empowerism provides 50 leads for its subscribers every month. It also provides 10 newsletters, including the welcome letter, to prospects. These 10 newsletters can be used by the Empowerism subscribers who receive the 50 leads and who need to start building relationship with them to convert them into subscribers through the means of newsletters. These 10 newsletters can be an easy start for Empowerism newbies.

Therefore, if an Empowerism newbie uses the 50 leads (it only makes sense to do so) every month, he most definitely will use Email Aces' service. The service is not free, but rather inexpensive at $8.95 a month (with first month at $2.95) for the basic level.

In terms of ease of use, I don't find Email Aces the most intuitive. It uses some techinical terms here and there that may be challenging for a complete newbie. However, it is easy enough and serves the purpose, particularly when it's not expensive.

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Ed DiPaolo said...


Thank you for your informitive articles about Empowerism. I am relatively new to PIPS and Empowerism and have had the time yet to investigate it thoroughly.

Ed DiPaolo