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Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Blog Is On Page 1 of Google for "HomeBiz Journal"!

Today, I searched for my blog on Google with the keyword phrase of "homebiz journal". Two entries of my blog came back on the first page in the third and fourth place. This is out of a total result of 315,000 entries. Wow! How did it get there? I still can't believe it.

I started blogging perhaps about a month ago, after I joined PlugInProfit. I went through the 30 Day To Success training by Stone Evans and started my blog as recommended. So far, I have submitted 2 articles to EzineArticles (a very slow effort) and 15 entries in my blog. This can't be an aggressive effort. How did I show up on page 1 of Google?

I think my fellow Pipster Doug Gorman has something to do with it. I just had him optimize my blog a few days ago. He put in a number of things:

RSS feed

The two entries that show up on Google are (1)from my new post in this blog and (2)from Leadmaverick's directory. The entry associated with Leadmaverick is definitely a direct result of Doug's effort.

Leadmaverick also lists my primary web address ( on page 2 of Google for the keyword phrase of "homebiz that works" with 92,000 competition. If enough people search for these keywords, my site should get some exposure. At this point, I should really seriously decide on a set of keywords to optimize my primary website and try to write some articles specific to the affiliate programs I'm promoting.

Back to blog optimization, fellow Pipster Doug Gorman really provides speedy service, offers tips and free support. He knows what he is doing and gets you the result he promises. Fellow PIP newbies or anyone interested in optimizing your blog, you can probably benefit from Doug's Blog Optimization Service, which is an affordable $35.

If you happen to read my post, would you let me know if it is informative? I would really appreciate your feedback.:)


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