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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Did A Fly-in Capture Form by Myself!

My progress stalled over the past two days. I started to think about overhauling my website to make it more coherent to my effort. I've published two articles with EzineArticles already. There have been a few more clicks to my site now. I really should get my site in order before I push for it to be seen by others.

To overhaul my website, I would have to know something about html. I could always pay for someone else to change it for me. But I tell myself that I should learn to do it anyway.

I went throught the tutorial of basic html at Empowerism. It was a very good series of tutorial. It covers everything on how to design a basic web page. The complete series is by way of visual aid, which is very conducive to learning. The tutorial consists of 34 lessons, each 2-4 minute long.

I learned how to change the font, color, create rows and columns, link buttons to other pages, link to other places on the same page, etc, all of which are basic to get a website going.

Right after the tutorials, I found it easier to understand my own website html. I remembered seeing one of the other pipsters' sites having this very cool fly-in page with the subscription form that was really effective at capturing the visitor's attention. I wanted such a fly-in form on my site as well. However, to have it done for me, I'd have to pay $8-10 for the service. Can I do it by myself?

I found that site with the fly-in form, checked the source code and compared it against my own website's code. I ended up identifying two sections of the code that were different from mine that had intuitive descriptions in them that appeared to relate to a form flying in and bouncing. I copied the two sections of the code into my own page. IT WORKED! This was far easier than I thought. Now I have my own fly-in page capturing the visitor's attention with more flair.

I did have to update a few links from the other site to my own site. I am very happy with this little accomplishment.

Check out my fly-in capture page here.

Stay tuned for more of my progress.


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