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Monday, December 10, 2007

Empowerism - The Program

One of the programs in the PlugInProfit package is Empowerism. I really haven't had any time to learn what it was until now. I found that there were 100 leads sitting in my account. What should I do with them? This started my new excursion of learning about Empowerism.

Empowerism works around an online magazine called Excellence. It is a collection of resources on how to self improve as well as practical tips on internet marketing. An affiliate can earn commission on the sale of this online magazine of recruiting new members. If the member pays his monthly due, which is $24.95 as the first payment and $19.95 every month after that, it is essentially the price of the 13 page online magazine.

The compensation for Empowerism is summarized as follows.

$20 fast cash for any personally sponsored subscriber.
$6 for renewal on each personally sponsored subscriber
$1 for subscribers in your 3x9 matrix every month they renew.

More about the matrix. These members in the matrix do not have to be personally sponsored; they can be spill-overs from your upline. The spillovers are the result of a forced 3x9 matrix where 3 represents the number of people under you directly and 9 represents the depth of levels allowed for the $1 commission scheme. For example, if you have sponsored 4 people, while three of them can stay under you directly, you have to spill the number 4 to one of the three people under you.
The 3x9 can result in a total of 29,523 people or $29,523 if all of them renews every month.

Commissions aside, I do find that Empowerism has many good training resources. This include basic(rather extended actually) html training, enough to help you design a web page. It also provides website templates, search engine submission every month up to 10 URLs (perhaps I should submit my pluginprofit affiliate URL). It teaches you how to do splash pages, banners in html. It has SEO tools which include 24 wonderful tools, some of them as follow:

1 Keyword-Rich Domain Suggestions
2.Meta Tag Generator
3 Similar Page Checker
4.Link Popularity Check
5 Goolge Page Rank
6 Domain Age Tool
7 Keyword Suggestion Tool
8 Check Back Links

I think I may come back to do a lot of my research here.

Empowerism has some unique values that other programs do not feature. It provides some training where PlugInProfit is missing. The html training is one example. Also, as a paid member, every month you get 50 leads (That's why I had 100 sitting in my account waiting to be downloaded.), which is a nice feature. There are 10 follow up letters already written. You only need to replicate it into your new autoreponder account (paid separately). I will go into it in another post. Whether the leads are fresh and high quality as purported to be, I'll have to wait and see.

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