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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Fastest Way to Learn Your Website's HTML Code

If you are new to html and have your site built for you, like with PlugInProfit, you may find it a challenge to wade through the code to do small edits by yourself. Going through some basic training is essential. However, the real life html code always seems to be so much more complex than what we see in the basic html tutorials.

Is there a way to learn your site's html code fast? The answer is YES.

I have found this fantastic site that is a real time html editor. In the upper pane, you type in your html code; in the lower pane, the result is shown. To learn your website's html, just type in each line of code and see how the look of your site is constructed line by line. It takes a little time to go through all the lines of the code, but it is well worth it.

I analyzed my website line by line using the above real time editor. I found out why one of the buttons I had copied and pasted in from another site was missing the rounded top and bottom that featured the other buttons on the site. Using this real time editor, I was able to pinpoint exactly what was making up the top and the bottom portion image of the button and fixed the problem. I was also able to isolate the code for a fly-in window on another Pipster's site efficiently and put one up on my own. Check it out here:

This site certainly has made my html editing more accurate. With its help, I can see that I will be able to do some web editing that was out of the question before. The best part is that this editor is free. Here is the site:

Hope you will find this information helpful.


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