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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My First Article Is Live on E-ZineArticles!

I received the approval email from that my article "Why Should You Consider A Home Based Business Opportunity with Residual Income" was approved and live. I am now an Expert Author with 1 article published. I patted myself on the shoulder for this tiny step forward.

It took EzineArticle less than a week to approve the article. I consider them efficient. My other submission to is still pending.

I've put a "Featured on EzineArticles" icon on my site. Even though this is an outgoing link, I feel encouraged that I've started something, whatever that is. Check out the image of the "Featured on EzineArticles" icon, a tiny milestone for me, at my site.

So far, I still have confidence in the model of PlugInProfit, and I plan to stick with it for a while.


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