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Sunday, December 2, 2007

PlugIn4Profit -The 49 Training Videos for Newbies

I logged into my website hosting account with Host4Profit for the first time over the past 2 days and found that I needed to learn some html in order to customize my website, or just to understand how it was put together. Where do I even start?

I thought of the Warrior Forum, which I had visited quite a few times and found it quite helpful. I did a search on "Basic html". A few threads came back, one of which recommended to watch the newbie training videos for PlugIn4Profit members. I realized that even I had read through the 30 Day to Success guide, my effort to check out all the free resources available was far from being over.

The newbie training video series comes with the PlugIn4Profit package. It consists of 49 episodes covering a wide range of topics from choosing a domain name to setting up a POP email account, from starting your own ezine to website optimization for search engines, from methods to promote affiliate programs to how to write your own ebook, etc. It covers indeed many facets of affiliate marketing.

The parts I focused on concerned the basic html training. There are 7 episodes dedicated to html training, each is 7-20 minutes long. Each episode has concise and clear step by step instructions on the basic structure of html with coding exercises demonstrated. I found it super helpful. By the end of the 7 espisodes, I had enough information to go into my web index.html, changed my web title as well as adding a bunch of keywords to the meta name for keywords. Of course, I later read that too many keywords may not necessarily help. Regardless, I felt I was given a good introduction to html.

If you are interested, check out for yourself the list of topics covered in the 49 videos as well as some sample episodes on html at this link:


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