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Sunday, December 30, 2007

What Does Home Biz Online That Works Promote?


Home Biz Online That Works is a website dedicated to providing resources on home based online business opportunities proven to have worked. It is an affiliate of the renowned PlugInProfit program developed by Stone Evans, the Home Biz Guy.

At the time of writing, Home Biz Online That Works is promoting six legitimate, thoroughly well-researched affiliate programs with high potentials in residual income. Four of the six affiliate programs are free to join. The other two require affordable monthly membership fees. Prospects can choose to join any combination of the affiliate programs.

The six affiliate programs are as follows:

1. Leisure Audio Books (free to join)
2. SFI (free to join)
3. Traffic Swarm (free to join)
4. Host4Profit (free to join the affiliate program, but the web hosting required for joining PlugInProfit is not free)
5. Success University ($2 for the first 14 days, $49.95/mo thereafter)
6.Empowerism ($24.95 the first month, $19.95/mo thereafter)

The paid memberships also mean more commissions and residual income.

Home Biz Online That Works promotes the above programs because they are an integral part of the PlugInProfit package. These affiliate programs are seamlessly integrated into the PlugInProfit package by way of a free website and free, extremely helpful support. In addition, the PlugInProfit forum provides a wealth of resources; this is where you can find out what works as well as progresses and successes of other fellow Pipsters.

Home Biz Online That Works recognizes that the PlugInProfit package has many successful stories and has a high level of optimization conducive to success by newbies and veterans alike. It will shave off two years of learning curve for newbies and will give the veterans immediate opportunities to earn high paying residual income.

Stay tuned, or better, subscribe to my blog on the top right column, for my upcoming reviews of each of the affiliate programs. If you are interested in any particular aspect of these programs, leave a comment or drop me an email about it; I will respond to your request personally.


For more information of the affiliate programs, please visit http://www.homebizonlinethatworks.com/
To learn more about the features of the PlugInProfit package, please visit http://www.HomeBizOnlineThatWorks.com/pluginprofit.html

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