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Thursday, January 10, 2008

EyeEarn Personal Advertising Network

It’s been 10 days since the launch of SFI’s EyeEarn campaign, and I have already received 6 leads. As an EA (Executive Affiliate) with a standing order I should be receiving 3 shares of the co-op. However, it has not been clear how many leads constitute a share, as no one knows how many there will be to share among all the participants. I am already happy with six. But I guess there could technically be more as the month is just 1/3 through.

I am really impressed with the SFI- EyeEarn personal advertising network. SFI’s EyeEarn co-op is a global advertising campaign that aims at heightening the awareness of EyeEarn.com which serves as a gateway to recruit new affiliates for SFI. Using the 10 million affiliates worldwide, this personal advertising network can have a huge impact in promoting home business opportunities with SFI.

The best part about EyeEarn is that it is an option for an affiliate to procure targeted prospects at a price that most, if not everyone, can afford. Costs and requirements are as follows:

  • A one-time cost of $20 to purchase a start-up kit
  • Once a month obligations to fill out some surveys in the SFI Affiliate Center
  • Sending in a digital photo of participant's wearing the EyeEarn T-shirt and the EyeEarn banner out fitted car
  • An honor system obligation to start online shopping at MaxMalls.com, which has many well-known merchant names at the same prices as if you directly shop at these merchants'

The benefit for the affiliate is to get a share of the leads every month for life, which is enormous.

SFI is already free to join. EyeEarn further solves the problem of generating leads for the affiliates. This is truly an unbeatable opportunity for a home business online, so conducive to succeed. Anyone should give it a try; you owe it to yourself to find out about this opportunity.


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