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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Article Marketing - What To Write About?

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Article writing is the best way to spread your links. You write an article about 500 words and submit it to prominent article directories. You can reference your web url in your resource box attached with the article. The more directories you submit your articles to, the more back links you build. Over time, these backlinks will build your presence in the Internet community.

Writing articles can be challenging for some people, though. If you want to hold your standards high and write your own articles, then it could be time-consuming. Alternatively you can hire ghost writers to do the job for you at a cost. $10 for a 300-500 word article when you commit in bulk (maybe 8-10 articles) is a decent price.

I personally like to write my own articles despite the fact that it is time-consuming. I like the fact that it is my voice and that I learn what I need to write about through the experience.

For internet marketing newbies, the first block may be not knowing what to write about. When one is new, one does not know enough to write about anything, right? Quite the contrary, one has a lot more to write about when being the newbie. Anything one is learning can be committed to paper. This is much like a school paper; one has to do some research, carry out the experiment, share the results (or not necessarily), and reach a conclusion.

Some suggestions of topics to write about:
- how each of your affiliate program works
- how you solved a problem in building your home biz
- new things you’ve learned and your thoughts on them
- your views in general in your area of interest, any revelations, etc.
- the resources that you have found that have worked well for you
- etc.

Another way of finding something to write about is to read postings in any forums. Pay attention to what questions people are asking. Make the questions your topic to write about. Do the necessary research (if you don't already know the answer) and document your findings and conclusions. Since the same questions are asked over and over again by different people, you may get a chance to share your findings at a later opportunity, which will in turn build you a solid backlink (when you plant it in your signature).

Still another way to find what to write about is to read what other people have written. Then, try to rehash the same content in your own words adding your own spin to it. It is better that you add some new and/or unique input to the original content. This is not difficult to do as we are all so opinionated and find oursevles easily disagreeing with each other.

It is also advisable to keep a list of topics you want to write about. Sometimes, I find myself so inspired that I want to write about everything but for the sad fact that I have enough time to only do one article. Other times, I am confronted by the writer's block and can't think of anything to write about. Experience tells me that it is a smart move to note down all the things you want to comment/write about in your moment of inspiration, to revisit later.

When you hit a writer's block, and none of the above suggestions works for you, send me an email; I will come up with a list of suggestions that you can consider.

Happy writing.


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