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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Start Your Home Biz With $20

Copyright by Ying Hong

Do you have $20? If you do, you absolutely have a chance to build your home business quickly and with result. The one-time $20 pays for building your downlines month after month for life. This almost sounds too good to be true. Yet it is true!

If you've done any Internet marketing, you know that building downlines is the toughest challenge. Without downlines, there would be no residual income in most cases. You can pay hundreds of dollars to buy lists from service providers; and those lists do not necessarily become your downlines. But this particular opportunity solves this problem for life with a one-time cost of $20.

The opportunity I am talking about is the EyeEarn personal advertising network with SFI. EyeEarn is the co-op of SFI that generates prospects every month. Each participant of this co-op would get a share of the leads generated month after month after purchasing the start-up kit at $20. Your residual income will come as you build your team, which is really being built by EyeEarn.

There is an additional way to make money with EyeEarn. As an EyeEarn participant, you can also earn profit share with, which is a network of name brand merchansts representing your every day stores. Every month, a percentage of the purchases through the gateway of is paid back to the EyeEarn participants. The purchases you make with the merchants through the gateway of is absolutely at the same price as if you made them directly at the stores. As such, all EyeEarn participants have a vested interest in making their own online purchases through, which SFI is also heavily advertising to the general public.

In short, when you become an EyeEarn participant, you have EyeEarn to build your team automatically and will be getting some profit share from every month. This may well get you started in building a home business.

The $20 kit includes the following, in case anyone is wondering:

1 - 1 EyeEarn T-shirt (very classic lookning)
2 - 3 car banners with EyeEarn logo ( EyeEarn participants should at least outfit one banner on one car. The banner can be taken off when needed as well.)
3 - 10 stickers ( to put on computers or any other objects at the participant's choice)
4 - 100 business cards (to leave at restaurants or other public places at participant's convenience)

Participants are required to submit a photo with wearing the t-shirt in front of a vehicle outfitted with the banner. Participants are also required to log into the SFI center to do a 15 minute survey every month. That's it.

Can you imagine starting your own home business with $20 ? It is possible with SFI's EyeEarn absolutely!

$20 is really very easy to gather. We waste money everyday on unnecessary things. Why not find a worthy use for twenty of your dollars by joining SFI's EyeEarn? You shoud be able to save $20 by foregoing a bottle of coke for a couple of weeks, or bringing brown bag lunch to work for a week, or brew your own coffee instead of buying from the store for a few days. You know your resources, and you know you can afford it.

If you are still in doubt about this amazing opportunity, join SFI for FREE first and give yourself a chance to read all about the EyeEarn program in the SFI's affiliate center. Then decide for yourself if you should spend that $20 to purchase the start-up kit.

If you already know that you want to become an EyeEarner, super great! Join the program here: (You may need to copy this url directly into the browser for it to work.)

If you have any questions about SFI and/or the EyeEarn program, feel free to contact me; I'm here.


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