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Monday, January 28, 2008

Article Marketing – Distribute Your Articles on a Shoe String Budget

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Article marketing builds backlinks to your websites. Writing articles is free if you can do it yourself. But submitting articles to various directories can be tedious and time-consuming. Many people use a professional article submission service, which can cost around $40/month, which is kind of costly. Is there an alternative? The answer is yes.

There are online article distribution services that you can use at reasonable cost. A well-reputed one is Isnare is an article directory that operates as an online article distribution service as well. You can submit articles for free to Isnare, who promises to distribute your articles to up to 40,000 directories where your category applies. Isnare sells distribution credits at $2.00/article. The price gets cheaper if you commit in bulk.

The benefit of buying these credits at Isnare is:

  1. to be able to write your own articles at your own pace and
  2. have them distributed to up to 40,000 directories where your category applies, as promised by Isnare, and
  3. the best of all - you don’t have to incur a monthly fee of $40 for regular article submission services.

There are surely feasures that a professional article submission service will have that a simple distribution service with Isnare does not have. Still, if you are looking to just build some backlinks, the low cost of the article distribution service with Isnare is worth testing out than paying $40/month for limited number of submission.

If you really consider Isnare, there is a word of caution, talking from experience. Isnare officially says that free members (those without distribution credit purchase) can still have their articles approved and distributed although it may take longer. I submitted two articles on this free basis once and saw them in pending status after a month and half. I secretly wonder if Isnare staff looked at those free articles at all. In any event, at the free rate, building backlinks effectively is pretty much out of the question. My advice, buy some distribution credits to get your articles noticed, approved, and distributed in time to make sense.


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