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Friday, January 4, 2008

SFI Review - Ingenious Business Model


I believe SFI is one of the best affiliate programs out there. It has a really solid business model. It has developed some ingenious methods to match market's complimentary needs together. Some of the unique features of SFI are discussed below.

It encourages its affiliates to recruit merchants as well as buying within its network. SFI has Nice Offer (NOC) where affiliates can buy from the network merchants with a discount and/or with commission from SFI. If the affiliate cannot find the coupon for the kind of product or service she needs, she can also try to recruit merchants who provide such services in her community to join the network, which will help promote the merchant's business, enlarge SFI's network and generate some commissions for the affiliate.

SFI encourages its affiliates to buy from SFI products that the affiliate already needs in her daily life anyway, by providing a company-wide sales profit sharing pool. This means a percentage of the company's profit is shared with each affiliate. As such, affiliates who buy products from SFI can also expect some kind of cash back for her purchases.

SFI has recently lauched the EyeEarn advertising program, which is yet another ingenious move. It combines the need by the affiliates to generate leads with the advertising need of large companies. In this program, affiliates are charged one time for $20 for a kit with EyeEarn T-shirts, business cards and a banner for the motor vehicle. Additionally, the affiliate has to log into SFI to do some surveys for advertising companies every month. In return, the affiliate gets a share of leads every month to help build her team. Everyboday in the deal benefits. Such is smart marketing.

SFI has also joined with MaxMall, which adds a plethera of well known marchants to the network. And again, the company wide profit will be shared with the affiliates. As such, affiliates are really motivated to buy from MaxMall. Prices with MaxMall will be the same as if the affiliate makes purchases at her local store.

In short, SFI really represents Strong Future. It has the perfect mix and network, and there is no barrier to join, as the opportunity is FREE.

For more information on SFI and the FREE opportunity to join, click here.

You are also welcome to email me for any specific questions on this program.


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