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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Leisure Audio Books - Review


As part of the PlugInProfit program, I joined
Leisure Audio Books
(LAB). I never got a chance to really read up on this program due to the initial information overload until now. Now that I have gone through materials on its affiliate website and the audio books categories, I find myself impressed with the potentials of this program no end.

First, it offers both products and team building in its affiliate program. I always have a stronger preference for both product and team building in an affiliate program than if there is just the membership for team building. A company is strong and will sustain if it anchors on its product sales. In other words, Leisure Audio Books is a really sound business to be involved in (Of course, all the PlugInProfit programs are cream of the crop programs selected by Stone Evans; they cannot go wrong.).

Second, the LAB audio books cover a vast range of categories that will meet anyone's needs. All the LAB audio books can be downloaded to play on your computer, MP3, cellphone, or burned into a CD. Anyone using these media, and that is almost everyone, is a potential customer. When I showed some of the children's audio titles to my five-year old daughter, she immediately wanted some: Arthur, Ballet Shoes, Rapunzel, etc. These make great gifts for all kinds of people.

Third, the LAB audio books are competitively priced against their physical product counterparts. One does not need to incur shipping cost with this, either. Additionally, every month, there are special offers at significantly low prices and free giveaways of great titles. At the time of writing, they are giving away 21 comic radio shows from BBC completely free.

Check out some specials for this month here:

There is one additional detail. For each audio book listed, there is a hearing sample that one can listen to before making up his mind to buy anything.

The greatest feature on the team building side is that it is FREE to join. How can you beat that!

Comparatively speaking, the LAB audio books are more jam packed with characters than the team building side. Personally, whether I build a large downline or not, I know I will not have qualms recommending Leisure Audio Books to acquaintances, and I will find plenty of uses of them myself.



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