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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thoughts on Network Marketing

Advertizing, networking or marketing were never my strength. Before I started my simple work from home opportunity, I never needed to deal with them, either. Now that I own an online business, I have begun to relate to some of the concepts underlying network marketing/advertizing. It's all very interesting to learn.

One of the things I have learned is that never worry that there will not be an audience. The truth is that there will always be an audience. Some audiences are aggressive; they actively seek the opportunity to be sold to. Others are laid back; they may not appear to be looking for anything. Regardless of the type of audiences, the network marketer's job is to put himself/his product on the path of the audience so that his product is stumbled upon at minimum. When he puts himself out there to cover as many paths as possible, audiences on those paths are bound to make some sales for him.

It is partly in the spirit of putting myself out there that I started article marketing. I wanted to build some back links but never thought that my articles would catch any personal attention. The other day, one of my newer articles received a vote, which came as a pleasant surprise for me: someone cared enough to comment on my article; and it was a vote of confidence, too. This incidence also reinforces the notion that when the marketer puts himself out there, interaction with his audience is bound to happen.

So, I guess today's thought and lessons learned, for benefit of fellow marketers, are to take action to spread word about your business; and let the rest of the world react to what you have to share with them.


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