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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Adding My First Page to My Website

I always know that it is important to add content to your website and that adding your own articles is a great way to do it. I had checked out the PIP's update services offered by various PIP veteratns. They are all good but I figured that I needed to try it myself.

One of the bonuses I received for becoming a Pipspowergroup member was a free PIP style template offered by Suzanne Morrison. I downloaded it, made chaneges according to her instructions (Suzanne always gives really easy to understand instructions; I need to learn from her) and then pasted one of my articles into it.

Then I need to somehow link my article to the index page. Where do I plant it? I asked myself. When I opened the code page in the webpanel with Host4Profit, the code just rained on me, and I didn't have any bearings as to where I was.

Nevertheless, there is structure to the code, and I was able to discern it roughtly after I sat myself to it. This is what I did:

  • I decided visually where I wanted my article title to appear on the index page and located where it should be roughly in the html code of the index page. I positioned it by checking some text paragraphs just above and below the desired location.
  • I gave the area its separate column and named it "Latest Business Articles". I did this by copying over a similarly styled section but then deleted all the content in it except for the formatting code.
  • I then searched some other PIP's sites (there are plenty of them from the Warriorforum as everyone has one in the signature file) for one with links to articles.
  • After I selected the site that has the kind of link, I use View-Source option in Internet Explorer. This give me all the html code of that page, which includes the code that links the articles.
  • I copied over the code that links an article into my index page. I changed the article name to my own file name (this is the file into which I copied my article previously).

Voila, I just added my first page to the boiler plate Plugin4Profit website! With this beginning, I will be adding more later. My goal is to keep my website with unique articles only. All other articles I submit to other sites will be as unique as possible but less so compared to my own website's content.

Each time I made some change to my website, even though it is very small, I still feel like patting myself on the shoulder. There are still a few things I want to do to my site, among which to change the color scheme, to make the article directory functional, to have a page for link partners, and then perhaps a few pages with audio sales page. I would love to do this by myself if I had the time. But maybe it may prove to be worthwhile to enlist other PIP services.


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