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Friday, February 29, 2008

Selling Point of Success University

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Success University is one of the 6 automated streams of income opportunities packaged into the PlugIn4Profit work from home opportunity starter kit. New members of PlugIn4Profit tend to have misgivings about this program; although it offers the most powerful commission structure, it has the highest monthly fee ($49.95/month) that many new affiliates scramble to cover.

What does Success University offer? A lot!

Success University offers the most comprehensive, the highest quality self-help and motivational resources geared toward helping the individual succeed in all aspects of life. As a Success Univeristy student, you get to take courses online with nationally known life coaches, motivational speakers, and educators such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Robert Allen, Cynthia Kersey, to name a few.

For a monthly tuition of $49.95, you get access to thousands of dollars of educational material by these well-established authorities that help you grow in relationship, financial success, health and physical well-being, spirituality, sales and marketing. A student will also get two CDs every month with inspiring personal success stories sent to the home. You can listen to them in your car and these success stories will surely become your daily dose of energy, motivation, positive attitude, and all the ingredients required to keep you focused on your path to success.

The value of the $49.95 does not stop there. It also makes it possible for you, the student, should you wisely choose to be, to gain financial freedom through residual income. The way it works is that you are provided the marketing aids to introduce Success Univeristy to the general public. Those who sign up under you will be on your team and will contribute to your residual income. It promises the largest residual income among all the other streams of income offered in the PlugIn4Profit package.

There are a lot of people out there who need the guidance to succeed in life, and there are plenty of people who can use financial freedom. Success University combines both of these features and truly presents an extraordinary opportunity for perosnal growth, spiritually, health-wise, and financially.

Being a Success University student is like having access to priceless sources of wisdom and many prescient mentors that you otherwise would never get a chance to have. Who needs Prosac, talking to the shrinks or going into any kind of counseling? Save that money, register with Success University and build your financial freedom at the same time.

For those skeptics, Success University offers a 14 day trial period at $2, which they donate to charity. Once you are in the back office of Success University, check the bonus area. There are hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses for you to keep whether you decide to stay with the Univeristy or not.

Success University has grown tremendously over the past few years. The market for it is definitely out there. Promoting this opportunity is just a matter of letting the general public know that this opportunity exists. Alternatively, you can leverage off the PlugIn4Profit package that is built to promote 6 streams of income, including Success University, all at once. It's worked for a lot of PlugIn4Profit members already.

Ying Hong

Try Success University for 14 days and contribute $2 to charity here

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