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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Article Marketing - Unique v.s Duplicate Content

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Article marketing is one of the best ways to promote your home biz website. Surrounding this strategy, however, there has been a point of confusion that is very seldom explained in popular published literature on Internet marketing. The point of confusion is the true difference between submitting a unique article vs. that of a duplicate article.

Benefits of submitting unique articles are two-folds. (1) It brings in organic, highly targeted traffic from the search engines. Since search engines like unique content, they will index original articles and thus make them available for searches. (2) It builds backlinks to your website. The number of quality backlinks also count toward your website's page rank.

There is really no disadvantage to submitting unique articles other than the fact that it takes more time and work to write unique articles. This effort is probably well worth it.

On the other hand, submitting duplicate content articles may take less time to do and appears to reach many directories as well. However, because they are duplicates, search engines do not like them and won't index them to make them available to web queries. There is then little chance of free, organic traffic from the search engines. You still get the exposure, whatever it may be, from the specific directories that have accepted your duplicate articles.

Worth noting is that prestigious article directories (e.g. also require original content. In truth, no one wants duplicate content. Those directories that do accept duplicate content may not have strong page ranks themselves. As such, a link with them may or may not be worth the effort.

What about distribution of articles, you may ask, they can't be unique. It is true that people submit original articles also hope for the subsequent distribution of their articles to many publications to gain additional exposure. Intuitively, the first instance of a content is always unique. This is the one that you want the search engine to pick up. After your content is indexed by the search engine, further distribution of the articles does not "de-index" your articles from the search engine. Indeed, for more exposure, the wider the distribution the merrier.

To conclude, if you are doing article marketing to promote your home biz website's web presence, it is really a better use of your resources to write unique articles, which brings about results that duplicate content will never be able to match. Writing variations on the same topic is by far the most efficient way to churn out as many unique articles as you can.

Happy writing!


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