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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is An Article Directory Effective in Building Your Home Biz Online Web Presence?

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When I started my home biz online with PlugInProfit, I followed the instructions in the 30 to Success Guide. One of the steps was to install an article directory for your home business site. I learned that search engines favor those sites with new content and having an article directory will add many new pages to your website over time. Intuitively, this is a great idea. However, having done considerable reading since then, I have come to my own conclusion.

An article directory is a great idea for providing resources to potential customers. In this case, the content does not need to be unique. However, to get recognition from the search engines, the content has to be unique, which is not likely accomplished by having an article directory for a newbie home business site.

Two factors contribute to the fact that a newbie home biz site will not likely have much unique content are as follows:

People who write unique articles tend to want to submit to well-established, prestigious article directories, such as A newbie’s site is not well-established; therefore it is unlikely to receive unique content submissions.

Webmasters of newbie home business site will want to find lots of free content to stuff up their article directories to build up confidence in the eye of the prospective members. Imagine how little the confidence is instilled if the article directory has only one or two articles. Free content, by default, is duplicate content.

An article directory teamed with duplicate content may not be indexed much by the search engines who would feast on unique content. If the pages are not indexed by the search engines, your website will not even show up in web search results. As such, there is little hope that your website will get much organic traffic. Without being indexed by the search engines, building your home biz web presence is usually out of the question.

To conclude, installing an article directory is still a good idea if you are not preoccupied with building your web presence quickly and that you have the time to maintain it. For newbies, more effective ways of building your home biz web presence are performing keyword research, building quality backlinks, and adding unique content to your website whether through an article directory or not. Installing an article directory should not be high on your priority list.


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