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Monday, February 18, 2008

What I Learned About Keyword Research for My Simple Work From Home Opportunity

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When I started my simple work from home opportunity online, I did not push for myself to learn about keyword research right away but started writing articles and blogging instead. Article writing and blogging are both good efforts. However, a few months down the line, I kept wondering why I didn’t get enough traffic to my sites despite the fact that my blog posts were on page 1 of Google.

My quest led me back to keyword research. Without proper keyword research, my blog posts were not targeted on searched terms and in turned were not searched. No wonder there was no traffic. Now I realize that if I had done my keyword research on day one, all my 30+ articles and blog posts would have had a searchable keyword phrase that could have resulted in more traffic. Oh well. Here is what I learned about searching for keyword.

The most important thing is that you choose a phrase already being searched by people, not something solely based on your personal preference. How to find out that a phrase you like is searched? You can use a free trial of a great keyword tool called WordTracker, which will give you a list of keyword phrases relevant to your query with daily search count, a number of competing pages, and your chances of success with them. Use this information to narrow down your choices. Rules of thumb are:

· Look for phrases with daily search count greater than 50
· Competing pages around 1000 (this number is the smaller the better. However, a bigger number is still ok; it just means that there is more competition to beat)
· The highest KEI (success factor) allowed based on the above choices (a good KEI can be over 100. If it is so competitive that it is less than 1, you should probably reconsider your keyword phrase)

If you are lucky enough, you may still have some choices left after the above screening, in which case, further screening rules are:
· Find the phrase that you can best relate to
· Find the phrase that is the most relevant to your home business
· Make sure the phrase is grammatically correct (so that you can market it later)

If you already do not have good enough choices left, then consider using a longer keyword phrase (5-7 words, e.g. “simple work from home opportunity”) in your query and keep repeating the whole process above until you arrive at a tentative decision.

One word of caution when using the trial version of WordTracker. It allows you two hours during which you can search as many times as possible. So if you are not ready to search right away, do not select the trial version. Also, it only provides the data from the MSN pool, which has a small percentage of the search result. To compensate for this, use double of the amount of the results to represent Google.


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