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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Checklist of Habits of Successful Internet Marketing

There are so many secrets and tips on the market that claim to help online business owners to success. After going through much hype, I've come up with my own checklist of Internet marketing success.

1. Keyword research.
If you have your own website to promote, definitely find the right keyword phrase for it before anything else. The keyword phrase will anchor all your future marketing effort. Without deciding on one early on, you may end up wasting time and money trying things without a focus.

2. SEO your website online
Get it done, whether by yourself or by hiring professional services.

3. Building back links
The best way to do this is by writing original aritcles and submit them to different article directories. Aim at writing 2 articles a week. If not, at least one article a week. Other ways of building back links include social bookmarking your site, submit your site to link directories, etc.

4. Blogging
This is really a cool way for you to build on your simple work from home opportunity. since it is your own blog, you can have leeways with how you want to present your material, including how many times you want to use your keyword (although always stay away from overuse).

5. Use lead capture page in traffic exchanges
This is to help you get some exposure. With the combination of article writing and blogging, these ad exposures may start to pick up leads for you.

6. Buying quality leads
Buying quality leads may prove worthwhile when you have not built up your web presence. You can get these leads by yourself once you start to get good traffic to your site. But in the mean time, perhaps quality lead purchases can keep the ball rolling.

7.Learn some html and make simple changes to your site
Adding content to your website is an on-going process. You should learn some html so that it becomes handy for you to do simple changes.

8.Paticipate in forums
Forum postings can help you build your image in the Internet community as well as planting a backlink for your primary site.

9. Doing these steps, refine them, repeat over and over again.
There is so much building involved in internet marketing that without repetition, there will not be any result. Taking actions consistently is the only reliable way to build one's Internet business.

This is really a very distilled checklist; it does include the most important tasks as I have observed them to be. I promise myself to continue practicing these habits until they become second nature to me.

Ying Hong

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