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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Becoming An EA with SFI Is A Must

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SFI provides a simple work from home opportunity. It is free to join. However, to make the best use of this opportunity, you may find it still meriting some investments.

Success with SFI really starts with one thing – becoming an EA(Executive Affiliate). If you stay a non-EA affiliate, you are limited to getting only the commissions on the individual sales you make, and you cannot benefit from your team members’ effort even if you have one. But as an EA, you can have access to your team members’ sales efforts and really start to get the benefit of residual income, which is the whole point of such a >simple work from home opportunity.

Becoming an EA without out of pocket expenses is technically possible but realistically difficult. The requirement of becoming an EA is to attain 10 SVP (sales volume points in SFI language, more on it later) every month, whether by selling SFI’s products to the general public or by purchasing them for your own use. Here is a list of the least expensive products with 10 SVP that you can promote and their USD equivalents:

  • Membership with IAHBE ($29.95/month)
  • Long distance sponsoring CD download ($29.95)
  • Veriuni Advanced Antioxidant with Red Wine Extract ($31.95)
  • Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition ($31.95)
  • Membership with Affiliate Mastery ($39/month)
  • Home Business Revolution’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Series, vols 1 & 2 ($27.95)

You can see that these are not the easiest products to promote to the average consumer.

What about the consumer goods, you may ask? SFI offers some really strong, super quality consumer goods. However, they tend to have less SVP values and will incur shipping cost as well if you want to buy them for yourself. Examples follow:

  • Veriuni cleaning sample pack ($54.21 with 7.03 SVP)
  • Veriuni all-purpose natural cleaner, gallon ($27.63, with 4.22 SVP)
  • Veriuni Thermo! Fat-Burner Formula ($24, with 5 SVP)

As you can see, free ways to become an SFI EA do not come easily. Unless you can somehow make people buy enough of the aforementioned 10 SVP favorites or more costly consumer goods from you every month, becoming an EA by this route is out of the question most people starting up.

Regardless, becoming an EA is a must for success with SFI. The least expensive way to make this happen is to subscribe to IAHBE (International Association Of Home Business Entrepreneurs), which is $29.95/month. This cost is further reduced by the guaranteed Executive Bonus commission check for all EAs every month, currently running around $10. The effective cost is therefore $19.95.

Is it worth it to invest $19.95 every month to grow your SFI team? The answer is absolutely! This benefit has unlimited potential as it allows the whole team you build and the teams your downlines build to work for you. When you see your personally sponsored affiliates becoming EAs and start sponsoring their own affiliates (and this will happen), you will see that your business is growing itself without your lifting a finger. At that point, you will know that this monthly fee of $19.95 is well worth it.

To conclude, SFI provides a simple work from home opportunity for a lot of people who look to earn an income on the Internet. To make this opportunity work for you, you need to consider becoming and staying an EA whether through the free way, which takes more time and is more difficult to achieve, or the paid way, which is instant but requires monthly investment of $19.95. The choice is yours. Regardless of what you decide, definitely become an EA in order to enjoy the benefit of residual income.


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