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Thursday, June 12, 2008

3 Culprits That Dampen Your Motivatons For Your Work From Home Opportunity


While pursuing work from home opportunity online, every now and then, I simply don't feel like working at all. I would find myself finding excuses to procrasinate. This would happen more likely after I think I had worked hard but did not see expected results. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way.

Here is what I think are the main culprits that cause me (and other online home business builders, I'm sure) the mood misalignment.

1) High Expections

I have high expectations for my business, just like everyone else in this field. Even though I know it takes time to build my home business, in the back of my mind, that expectation of a flourishing online business never went throgh a reality check. High expectation itself is a good thing. If we can use it to guide our effort instead of results, we would be spared of a lot of unnecessary frustration

2) Instant Gratification as Conditioned by Our Culture

In this culture (America), there is so much emphasis on instant gratification that people want to see results fast and do not appreciate the process of gradual building and cultivating. We want a pill to cure chronic disease and a magic touch to fix any problem. The truth is, good things, like bad things, take time to build. Health, like chronic conditions, take time to build. or evolve. The same is with a simple work from home opportunity. If the breakthrough point has not come, this means more effort is needed to continuously cultivate. It is really too premature to feel any dispair.

3) Lacking a Solid Game Plan

Not having a game plan is perhaps the third and major culprit. It is said that 95% percent of people trying an online opportunity will fail. Without a doubt, they do not have a game plan aimed for success. But even for those who are committed to make something out of it, not having a game plan can really increase the chance of eventual failure as there is no shield for the constant distractions, hypes and unrealistic expectations.

The solution to this problem is to have a game plan for success and refine it as you go along. By anchoring your practice management with a game plan, your energy will be more efficiently guided on building your business instead of fretting over factors you cannot control.

In short, having dampened motivation for your online home business is normal. It is important to forgive yourself for the moments of weakness and move on to more productive routines. Get a good game plan in place and just follow it as if you do not know other ways to live. The motivations and your work from home business will take care of themselves.


Ying Hong

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